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Charles Baxter Authors often write differently in novels then in short stories. This isn't always the case but most times it is. Charles Baxter writes pretty much the same way in his novel's as he does in his short stories. In all of Baxter's stories, there is always an element of realistic features. There's always something you think could happen to you. Baxter takes real life events but always adds a little twist to plot to intrigue the reader. He is known across America for doing this. His stories are very simple to read and there is never a lot going on but I guess that means that his work are meant for everybody to read. For this essay I plan to compare his novel's and his short stories in different elements. I will explain hoe most of his characters are very similar to each other. I will continue to compare his novels and short stories by comparing the many different plots he uses. I will then compare his sixth sense of description he uses throughout all of his works. When I am done you can decide if his writing differs from novels to short stories.All fictional characters have certain qualities within themselves that no one else has. This is not always true. Most of Baxter's characters are all different in one way but yet are all very similar. Almost all of Baxter's characters have a desperate need to find peace in themselves. In "Kiss Away", Jodie seems to be not able to trust Walton after her encounter with Gleinya which makes me believe that she had been hurt before in the past, although we are never told this in the story. The same thing is seen in "Stained Glass", where Donna doesn't believe she can stay with Bobby, but after se received his stained glass portrait, she forgave him and went back with him ignoring his violent temper. In "First Light" Dorsey loves her husband but goes and has an affaire with a scientist. Out of all these characters, they all share the same problem: the conflict of love. They are all in different ending scenarios but all face the same disastrous ending. Jodie fears Walton every time he makes a sudden move. Donna is back with Bobby but when will be the next time he snaps. Dorsey is divorced from her husband because of her slip up with the scientist. As you can see all these women are pretty much the same character, just one minor detail and they can be used in different stories over and over again. Baxter does not change his characters but uses them in different settings, places and time so that the readers don't get bored. Baxter doesn't care if it's a novel or a short story, he'll deliver a good character whenever he feels necessary. All plot lines must be able to strike a nerve with the reader. If a plot does not move a reader, than the story could not stand on it's own. I've seen movies with great plots that have been considered...

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