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Charles Bean Essay

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Charles Edwin Woodrow Bean

Charles Edwin Woodrow Bean was born on the 18th of November 1879
in the city of Bathurst, New South Wales.
But in 1889 Charles and his family moved to England.
Charles attended Brentwood School in Essex which is father was headmaster of but in 1894 Charles changed schools to Clifton College before winning a scholarship to Hertford College in Oxford in 1898.
After Charles finished his schooling he returned to Australia he taught briefly at Sydney Grammar School but then moved on to be a Legal Assistant in 1905 to 1907 he then resigned and did a series of stories in the Sydney Morning Herald as a reporte.
He then also started writing books after time.

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Post War
The official British Historians gave Charles a lot of hassle about his career choice but Charles never felt the need to follow their suggestions he just ignored there criticism.
Years after he worked in the ‘Front Line’ Charles was offered a knighthood but he then declined it.
In 1919 Charles traveled with the Australian Historical mission back to the peninsula in Gallipoli where they visited the battlefield from the war in 1915.
Charles found bones of lighthorseman just laying there where they grounded in on the early morning of the 7th of August 1915.
After Charles returned to Australia in 1919 he worked alongside Australian researchers to publish a book which explains the AIF and the landing in Anzac cove,there were 12 volumes, the first volume was published in 1921.

War Memorial (Charles walking Queen Elizabeth the second threw the Memorial)Earlier while in Gallipoli Charles noticed the Australians collecting battlefield relics and this is when it occurred to him that there should be an Australian War Museum
which is where the Australian War Memorial came from.
Charles had an essential role in the creation of the Australian Memorial Wall.
Charles understood the meaning of the Memorial as for he stood there in the ‘Front Line’ with these great men experiencing first hand what these men went threw for their country.
Australian Troops walked threw the fields with labels to place on 25,000 relics which...

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