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“All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure.” (“Mark Twain”). On February 12th of 1809 a new face entered this world and they called him Charles Robert Darwin and he would change the way we thought of evolution. This man was ignorant and hard headed. He did not believe what anybody told him; to find out for himself. Charles Darwin’s confidence was one of his strong attributes. Darwin did everything he believed in with all of his heart and mind.
Darwin was born in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England. “Nothing hinted at a genius; he didn't do well in school and his dad told him that he would be a disgrace to the family name.” (Leone 11). When his mother died he followed his brother to the University of Edinburgh Medical School, at this time it was the best medical school in the United Kingdom. He soon would drop his medical major and learn taxidermy which is…….His dad was unhappy with the fact that he dropped his medical course and sent him to Christ’s College of Cambridge for a bachelor of arts degree.
His cousin William Darwin Fox introduced him to beetle collecting. Darwin would put his focus into beetle collecting and became well known as a collector. He also did well on his exams and placed 10th in his class. He stayed a Cambridge, and studied Natural Theology that made the argument of divine design in nature, showing adaptation as God actin though the laws of nature. (Sydow)
Darwin took a five year long trip with a geology group that he funded called The Voyage of the Beagle. Darwin spent most of his time investigating geology and making natural collections. Darwin kept careful notes of his observations and theoretical speculations. Darwin made a major find of fossil bones that where of extinct huge mammals beside modern seashells, he came to the conclusion that the large mammal had just recently became extinct. He found a known Megatherium, which he identified it by its tooth and its armor, it seemed like a large version of the local armadillo. This find had England interested.
The theory of evolution by Charles Darwin states that living beings develop by these three single steps: variation, adaptation and finally passing along the genes.He says everything started out with one specie who had some variations and passed them to some generations until they kept it. When they kept it they became a different specie, order,...

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