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Charles Darwin's Life And Accomplishments Essay

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Charles Darwin was born in February 12,1809. When Charles Darwin was a little kid he struggled a lot in school. In 1825 Charles become a fortunate person and went to medical school. Darwin was a British scientist who set the foundations of the theory of evolution and converted the way we imagine about the natural world. Charles Darwin was the discoverer of the biological theory of evolution. Charles Darwin was married for 43 years to Emma Darwin who was his cousin. Charles Darwin had 10 children. Charles Darwin wasn’t a good student in school. Charles Darwin Mother died when attended school in 1817.
Charles Darwin lived in the tiny town of Shrewsbury, England. He was the second youngest of six children. Darwin came from a great long line of scientists. His father, Dr. R.W. Darwin, was as a medical doctor, and his grandfather, Dr. Erasmus Darwin, was a distinguished botanist. Darwin’s mother, Susanna, died when he was only 8 years old. Darwin was a child of lucre and freedom who enjoyed to seek nature.
In October 1825, at age 16, Darwin applied at Edinburgh University along with his brother Erasmus. Two years later, Charles Darwin became a first-year student at Christ's College in Cambridge. His father assumed he would pursue in his footsteps and turn into a medical doctor, but the seeing of blood made Darwin uncomfortable. His father advised, that he should study to become a parson in preference, but Darwin was far more prone to study natural history.
While Darwin was at Christ's College, botany professor John Stevens Henslow became his adviser. After Darwin graduated Christ's College with a bachelor of arts degree in 1831, Henslow suggested him for a naturalist’s position aboard the HMS Beagle. The ship, appointed by Captain Robert FitzRoy, was to take a five-year survey trip around the world. The trip would prove the opportunity of a lifetime for the budding young naturalist.
Earlier, in 1831, Charles had been insisted to come along to the scientific expedition of the world on H.M.S. Beagle. But Charles’ oppose, saying, "If you can find any man of common sense who advises you to go I will give my consent."
On time of the trip, Darwin collected a variety of natural exhibit, including birds, plants and fossils. Through first hand research and examination, he had the exclusive opportunity to closely monitor principles of botany, geology and zoology.
The HMS Beagle continued to sail on to as distant lands as New Zealand before returning to England in 1836. It was back in Europe when he engaged in the guidance of John Gould, a celebrated ornithologist in England. Gould was amazed to see the differences in the beaks of the birds and identified the 14 different specimens as actual incredible, different species - 12 of which were new species. He had not seen these species anyplace else before and wind up that they were unique to the Galapagos Islands. The other,...

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