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Charles De Gaulle: Captain In The First World War

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Charles de Gaulle was born in 1890. He was a smart kid in the early times and raised up by a catholic family. When he was a kid he always wanted to be in the military.
In 1909 he was in the top military academy, Saint-Cyr. After the academy of studying he joined a infantry regiment. He finally got into world war l. But sadly he got hurt while on duty. After his actions he got a medal for it. In 1916 he was fighting as a captain of battle of Verdun where he was taken as a prisoner but later on was freed after the war ended.
De Gaulle decided to enter a special training program at Ecole Superierure after the war ended. He also served on Frances Supreme War Council with Petain. After that de Gaulle went to Germany and the Middle East for experience. He was on his way to be a military captain!
De Gaulle also likes writing books about the military. In 1924 he published a book called La Discorde chez I'ennemi. Vers I'armee de metier was another book he wrote that ...view middle of the document...

The British prime minister Winston Churchill supported de Gaulle with the French movement.
De Gaulle became president of France provisional government in 1945. Over a great country he resigned his post. de Gaulle led his own political movement that "Rally for the French People,". In 1953 He retired from politics.
The French government began to fall in the 1950s and de Gaulle went back to his country to help. In January he helped them to form the country's next government. de Gaulle helped
Establishing France's Fifth Republic by improving the the economic situation and maintain independence.
He also thought to keep France from separating United States and the Soviet Union. de Gaulle campaigned for the country to keep on with the nuclear weapon program.
In 1962 de Gaulle helped the French colony achieve independence after coping to uprisings in Algeria. The idea of united Europe delighted De Gaulle but he also wanted It to be free from the superpowers influence. He fought for Britain to keep it out of the European Economic Community. de Gaulle pulled his country's forces out of the North American Treaty Organization.
His country government toppled by students and workers was protesting in 1968. de Gaulle managed to help the country once again. de Gaulle resigned from the presidency in April 1969.

After his dreams came true and all the things he has done for his country he is proudly to announce he is retired to his home in Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises. He died on November 9, 1970 by a heart attack. He enjoyed the quiet life of his village of the little time he had. The President of French that worked with de Gaulle before his death announced the terrible news to the public. France is a window!
France has lost an important and a helpful hero for their country and would never forget. Other world leaders offered up word of praise for de Gaulle. Even Queen Elizabeth ll said that "courage and tenacity in the allied cause during the dark years of the Second World War will never be forgotten".
Lyndon B. Johnson and Harry S. from the America, sent their condolences to the people of the France, as well as to Soviet Premier Aleksei Kosygin. President Richard was the one of the special service for de Gaulle after his death.


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