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For my message, I want to talk about combat photographers and the role they take in the recruitment of new soldiers. Combat photography is essential to the recruitment process. When one goes into an army office, looks on the website, or sees commercial online, what they see is the work of a combat photographer. Though most of the images have been taken and redone by the art department, the essence of the combat photographer remains. The media one can expect to see from the work of a photographer range from commercials, flyers, and posters. I was always intrigued by what they do. Some may think that a combat photographer is an easy job, but it’s not it’s just as grueling and dangerous as that of the infantry. Being able to see the photographer operate in the field was interesting. The military comes with many perks, like travel and learning new trades. If I had it to do again, I would try to become a combat ...view middle of the document...

Though at times it was tough, the audience can be rest assured that the military is a good decision if they want a challenge and a career that will push them to their full potential.
For this assignment I will use the font Arial Bold. I believe that this would help me convey the message well, because the font is strong and confident. Both are attributes needed to communicate the position of combat photographer. I want the font to help me convey the strength that it takes to do a job where it takes one putting their life on the line to achieve excellence.
I will also use visuals in the assignment to help communicate the message I am trying to convey. I believe this would be a great way to support the overall message. I also considered using quotes from army recruiters and combat photographers to provide the message with as much support as it needs to get across to the audience.
Peer and Instructor Feedback
After posting my discussion in week one, I received some feedback from one peer and the instructor. My classmate Gary Coraso mentioned that he also served in the military, he stated “I am in the Army and when they show pictures of people in combat or how far we have developed a Fob in Iraq or Afghanistan always motivates me in working harder. Seeing what others have been through and the struggles they faces makes any soldier want to help do their part and make a difference no matter how big or small it may be.” (Class Discussion, 2014). I agreed with Coraso, I also feel motivated when I see pictures of our military brothers and sisters. The instructor Professor Williams also gave me feedback on the discussion in which she stated that she wanted to see more about the combat photographer as it pertains to recruitment. I will do my best to communicate this over the coming weeks.
For this assignment I will be using a PowerPoint presentation to communicate my message. I believe this would be more effective than word, because it allows the user to choose different backgrounds and images. Plus I would be able to effective use bullet to point out the specifics of the message.

Peer and Instructor Feedback. (2014) Feedback on discussion one. Class Discussion 2014

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