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Charles Lindbergh Review

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Justin's Biographical Review of one of the most fascinating aviators of this century Many books have been written about Charles A. Lindbergh, all of which depict the extreame luster of "Lucky Lindy's" character. While the details presented are impressive, readers will not find new information about Lindbergh's flying adventures. Instead, there is a collection of trivia that often seems superfluous. On the other hand, one will be awed at the volume of minutiae that the author has unearthed--facts that he claims help to "flesh out the man." The son of a U.S. congressman who spoke out against American involvement in World War I, Charles was an undisciplined student. The only part of life at the University of Wisconsin he liked was the Reserve Officers Training Corps. He left after two years and enrolled as a flying student at the Nebraska Aircraft Corp.After barnstorming for a time, he enlisted in the Army Air Service in 1924 and won his wings and a commission in the Army Air Service Reserve Corps the following year, then began flying the U.S. mail. In 1926, he decided to compete for the $25,000 Orteig Prize offered to the first pilot or pilots to fly nonstop between New York and Paris.As we all know, Lindbergh succeeded where others failed. From the moment he arrived in Paris, his life changed forever. He declined more than $5 million worth of endorsements but agreed to a three-month tour of the United States in Spirit of St. Louis to promote aviation, then made a nonstop flight from Washington, D.C., to Mexico City. There he met Anne Morrow, the U.S. ambassador's daughter, whom he later married. Their marriage survived many trials, including the kidnapping and death of their first son--a tragedy widely referred to as the "Crime of the Century." After Bruno Hauptman was captured, tried and convicted of the kidnapping and murder of their baby, the endless hounding by the news media eventually caused the Lindberghs to escape to England in 1935. During the next...

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