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Mosher 1Scott MosherMr. HallHistory of astronomersApril 25, 2008Charles MessierCharles Messier was responsible for finding many undiscovered extra galactic objects. These discoveries were obviously in space. He recorded all of his discoveries in a book that was published. Many things that have been discovered by him help prove other things that other astronomers have recorded as well. With his great detail and extensive records he has single handedly found discovered and made public many things about the skies above. This could help for further space exploration in the future. Without him we would never know what was up there totally.Charles Messier was born on June 26, 1730 in Badonviller, France. He lived for 87 years where he died on April 12, 1817. Within those 87 years a rich history took place of one of a few great astronomers. His father Nicholas Messier was on the administration of the princes of salm. This meant Charles lived in wealth. Charles was 1 of 12 siblings.At age 11 Charles father died. In which Charles oldest brother took to be the head of the household. His older brother took his fathers position and also took care of Charles education. Now looking back his older brother is the person who gave Charles his keen sense of detail. His older brother took care of the education and trained Charles in Administrative and methodic work.(Hartmut Frommert). Messier’s interest in astronomy was triggered early when he saw a comet from his home town. From that he was sent down a road of great discoveries.Mosher 2When time came for Messier to get a job a family friend found two opportunities for Charles. One was to be a curator of a palace. The other was a job with the Astronomer of the navy. Due to Charles interest in astronomy he took the Job with the Astronomer of the Navy for it “promised more advantages and prospects” (Hartmut Frommert). The Astronomer of the Navy, Joseph Nicolas Delisle, was the first to employ Charles. It was Charles hand writing that got him the job. (Hartmut Frommert).His first job with Delisle was to copy a large map of china. He needed a big space to do this and Charles was given a large hallway in the Royal College of France. “This was just appropriate for a future observational astronomer.”( Delambre [1827]). Other then this tedious job given to him, Charles was given the chance to see Delisle’s observatory. While working with Delisle, Charles was told to keep very detailed records of what he observes. (Hartmut Frommert).At one point Charles decided to look for comet Halley. Delisle made a path that he thought Halley would appear. With this path Charles made a star chart and began observations. Delisle made his calculations were wrong and Charles was looking in the wrong spot the whole time. Charles was a loyal person and he never publicly doubted Delisle, but he did suspect Delisle error. Even with the wrong path he did discover a new comet which he followed and discovered...

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