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Charles Schultz: A Famous Cartoonist Essay

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Eight-teen thousand comics in 50 years sounds crazy and impossible, Right? Wrong, it’s not impossible it has been done before by a guy named Charles Monroe Schultz. Making Comics has been his dream and goal ever since he was a little kid.
Charles Schultz was the son of Carl and Dena Schultz. He was born November 26, of 1922 in St. Paul Minnesota. Charles was not known by his real name he was commonly known by ‘Sparky” He was nicknamed that because one of his favorite comic strip characters Spark Plug. Sparky’s dad owned a barbershop in St. Paul Minnesota. His barbershop opened early in the morning and closed late at night. Carl made 35 cents a haircut, which probably made it hard to pay rent. Sparky’s mom was commonly known for making the most delicious pies. They would often drive their Ford Truck across the state line to visit her family’s farm and give them a fresh baked pie. Although his parents only have third grade educations they are still hard working people.
He went to Richard Gordon Elementary school. Charles was an only child, he had no siblings to play with or talk to. This is why he spent his free-time doodling or drawing.
Most kids in his class would often ask him to draw some of his pictures in their notebook. His teacher would often tell him”Sparky, one day you will be an artist.” As he grew older and matured more his drawings did as well. He started taking more time on them and shading better. He knew he would need to keep practicing to get better. Charles would send in pieces of art work for an art school he would like attend. Finally a man from the art school came to meet Charles and his family. The art school would cost 170 dollars to attend. That was way too much to pay so they decided to break it down to ten dollars a month. Sparky began his art class March of 1940 and graduated from it December of 1941 at age 19.
In November of 1942 at age 20 Sparky was drafted into the Army. At about that same time his mother Dena was in the hospital because she was very ill and they thought she...

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