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Charlie Horse: Short Childrens Story Essay

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Charlie Horse grew up on a very large and beautiful valley in the Bitter Root Forest of western Montana. Charlie lived a very relaxed life wandering all through the grassy slopes along the valley floor, nibbling the green grass and plants, which grew from the ground. He enjoyed spending his mild summer days mindlessly wandering the hillsides meeting other animals who foraged for food where Charlie lived and spent his winter days running through the snow, digging up patches of grass to feed from in order to stay warm on those cold winter nights. On one particular cold spring morning, Charlie decided maybe he should roam outside of his valley, wondering what other interesting critters he may meet beyond the land he called home. So Charlie set out with nothing but his hooves to carry him along his way, in search of new companions to lead him on his journey. After walking up through the foothills and out of the valley Charlie found the terrain steep and significantly rockier than his comfortable home. "I bet no one lives here", Charlie thought to himself as he clambered clumsily up the steep mountain. "Who would want to walk around on this all day", he thought. Just as Charlie was about to turn around and make his way home he heard a sound. Clomp. Clippety Clomp. Clippety Clop. Charlie turned around to see a slender ball of fur as white as the winter snow coming around a bend. Charlie had never seen any critter like this before and wandered what it was doing all the way up here. The critter seemed to move effortlessly over the mountain, hopping from rock to ledge as if it were natural. "Hello", said Charlie to this new form coming over the rocks, "Who might you be"? "Bahh Bahh Billy Goat am I, grandfather of the Bear tooth Mountains. And who might you be" replied Bahh Bahh. "Well sir my name is Charlie, Charlie Horse". "Hmmm" mused Bahh Bahh, "I've heard the name before but I can't place your figure". "What are you doing so far in these mountains all by yourself" asked Bahh Bahh. "This is the home of Great Grizzly Bear and his clan and they are due to wake up any day now. With a fierce appetite I might add". "Well", said Charlie, "I have set out of my home in the valley to find new places to roam, and new faces to meet". "Well this isn't the place to be", replied Bahh Bahh, "Great Grizz is a fearless hunter of the Bear tooth, eating all of the grass and berries, and you too if he has the taste. I tell you boy, stay out of his way and get out of here" Bahh Bahh hastily replied. Charlie thought for a moment and then spoke, "I have heard of the great bears that roam the mountains, but I have always been told they hunt for berries and insects on rotten timber, but never eat horses, or goats for that matter. How could anything eat you with those big horns on top of your head?" "Dare you question me boy, those bears are savage, I've seen it with my own eyes", Bahh Bahh somewhat angrily replied, "that's the way it is and always has been". "This valley seems...

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