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Charlie's Promise. Essay

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Father works in a factory, and Mother passed away from Influenza four years ago. But with three children, the money they make doesn't care for them well; and the lack of food and coal for heating specifically is troublesome. Charlie’s father sent her away and as awful as that may sound, Charlie would disagree. She's paid a dollar a week, though it is not as much as in the factory, she lives in better conditions. Though she was away from her family Charlie promised her father to always take care of her sisters.
That next winter was brutal and a true challenge for the girls, with their father became dreadfully ill. Charlie’s sisters Abigail and Elizabeth came to Work and serve on the Parkington plantation. They did laundry, dusted carpets and swept the chimneys. After a few months Mrs. Parkington sent the girls to MaryAnn’s Place; a girl’s only orphanage in New York City. With their father passing she didn’t want the burden of caring for three more children.
The head mistress Madam Cornelia was a heavy set, vindictive caretaker. Charlie’s thin clothes and constant hunger was intolerable. Forcing Charlie to clean the gutters in the middle of winter and separating her from her sisters. Which was truly the hardest obstacle for Charlie, Abby and Lizzie believing that she’s abandoned them. If Charlie disobeyed or asked Madam Cornelia to see her sisters, Cornelia would threaten to send Charlie on the orphan train to a family in the country so she’d never be able to see her sisters again.
Worried that one day Madam Cornelia would follow throw with her threats Charlie plan an escape for her and her sisters. As spring came around it was time to execute her plan, while Cornelia went to the market Charlie snuck to around and found Abby. After telling her the plan Lizzie and Abby hid in a coat closest by the main entrance. When the time came for Charlie to take out the trash they’d all dash out the door, never to return.
As the sisters held hand s running down the street, Madam Cornelia screeched “My babies stop them, someone please stop my babies.” But no one paid attention to her cries. That night Charlie and her sisters slept in an alley; it was gloomy, feeble and daunting. Charlie couldn’t sleep with the murmurs from the shadow, her next plan was to find a new home. The morning after the sisters made their way through the Big City searching for a place to call home; when they came upon an out of business linens store. Breaking in through the back window Charlie proclaimed “Girls we’re home.”
Needing money for food and clothes Charlie took the only job she was suited for, a sewing factor. The factor was smoky and dirty, children ranging from ages five to 14 in line waiting for work. When one worker was hurt, there were 10 more waiting to take his spot for the chance to earn two dollars a week. One day while Charlie was working the boy next to her station, was as about 10 years old; sewed is finger to a shirt. As he screamed for help, the man in...

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