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Charter Community Hospital (CHC) is one of two community hospitals in Riverside County providing care to the fifth largest urban area within California. CHC is a 373 licensed bed facility with a level II trauma designation center. Other key services provided are accredited cancer, heart, and transplant care centers. This hospital has served the community for over 100 years, employs more than 2,500 individuals with 500 healthcare providers on staff.
CHC’s mission and value statements are closely intertwined; they are a hospital determined to provide a commitment to care, comfort of patients and improving the overall health of the community. These values are demonstrated by providing health services with integrity, compassion, quality, safety and service excellence.
Demographics have changed considerably and the focus has been promoting health care specialties services for young and older baby boomers. The hospital has established becoming the first accredited Chest Pain Center within the Inland Empire. (McCosh, 2003). CHC continues to provide biannual health fairs involving local restaurants to show off their culinary skills that encourages greater community participation.
CHC has focused on marketing strategies within the past year that are contemporary and unusual in comparison with other local hospitals. This type of advertising continues to make them a household name or well- known in the community (x: boutique nursing and concierge services for staff and patients). These marketing strategies are effective because CHC has learned their employees are key in delivering services to the public. Establishing a customer-focused vision ideal for identifying and targeting customers, dealing with their desires establishes a strong and loyal customer service base. “The customer service literature clearly demonstrates that both profit-seeking and public agencies that implement effective customer service strategies realize financial benefits, either through increased profits or through reduced costs associated with long- term, informed customers, customer referrals, employee retention, improved information exchange, and streamlined service delivery (Harvard Business Review, 1972).
In health care, the hospital has a deep relationship with their internal and external customers and one which travels further than the ordinary customer connection. According to the Gallup Poll research, “Disengaged employees those who are significantly disconnected from their work, cost the US economy about $300 billion a year” (Robinson, 2006 para 4).
The internal customer is a very important way of thinking and measuring value within a company. The internal customer service performance is an exceptional predicator of external customer retention. Many healthcare organizations including CHC are moving assertively to balance goals, strategies, scorecards, etc. Internal customer surveys help determine whether departments are...

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