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Charter Schools Essay

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Charter schools are an alternative to public schools. Whether this alternative is a better solution to the public schools is the argument. Public schools can be just as creative as charter schools. Public schools are funded by our tax dollars, which ultimately the United States Government decides where those funds go. Education should be the last thing to be cut in the budget, but unfortunately, we the people do not have a choice other than the public offices whom we hope will do what they have said in their election speeches. Charter schools have come about to fill the gap that public schools cannot fill. They can gear their curriculum to student needs, where some public schools cannot because of funding cuts.
Charters are innovative, creative and have positive academic rewards and fascinating field trip excursions. Successful charter schools uphold the standards of quality and create an optimal learning environment for all children. “Directly related to the success of Charter’s is the academic success of the children. Since the year 2000, there have been many “second generation” Charter Schools, which have had success. The first Charter Schools had difficulty, yet in retrospect without this ‘learning curve’ Charter Schools could not be so successful today”(Charter School Facts, 2011). Charters maintain high academic values. “They are designed to meet needs of the children and adolescents who cannot learn effectively in a traditional school district” (Sisk, J. 2011)."Comprehensive curriculum and developmental objectives promote trust and personal growth” (Sisk, 2011). Therefore, the school can effectively teach and enhance a student’s understanding of self-worth.

Subsequently, comprehensive programs create several options for parents. Distinctive, unique, and innovative programs teach kids in an individualized way. Admission to charters should be easy, but roadblocks to access generate complex government red tape. Some paperwork though is necessary to keep track of the students and their academic records. Parents have several options through Charter Schools. Exceptional students, kids with learning disabilities, ADHD, or emotional issues have many diversified options, which include full-time boarding schools, therapeutic wilderness programs, and design and technology based schools. Parents can send their child to the school that is best for the child, not just the school that is the most convenient.

Furthermore, focus is critical to the student’s ability to succeed and the charter’s ability to educate its students. With special attention, the school can demonstrate a comprehensive strategy stressing a field of study, such as technical or artistic disciplines. In this way, getting students ready for the real world, gears them up for college, sets them up for continued success. "The charter schools' superiority was greater in states where they had been in existence longer and enrolled more students." ("The Charter Advantage," 2005) A...

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