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Chasing Cars Poetry Explication Essay

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Mr. PaulEnglish I Pre-APFebruary 9, 2014The most notable quality of Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars" is the simple purity of the lyrics. While telling a story of the love he feels for someone, the speaker entrances the audience and leaves them wondering how he could've possibly come up with words to describe such an impossible feeling. The overall song is about how and what he feels, for it is clearly more than love. The speaker uses metaphors and other figures of speech to create a beautiful piece of literature; one which not only embodies a truly indescribable feeling, but transforms it into something that nearly anybody can relate to and possibly even understand.In the opening of the song, the speaker simply states "We'll do it all / Everything / On our own / We don't need / Anything / Or anyone." With this, he's describing some kind of revelation. When in love, you feel like you could do anything with that person, and the speaker wants to do that and more. Despite this, he doesn't quite know if who he's in love with wants to reciprocate. In fact, he's asking her if she'd join him in the next line, which is also part of the chorus. "If I lay here / If i just lay here / Would you lie with me and just forget the world?" Some would view this as rather straightforward or direct. In spite of this, he's not only asking if she'd like to join him, but letting her know that no matter what, his feelings are going to be heard. These three lines are repeated throughout the poem, for the speaker really does want the person he loves to be with him, and the question of whether or not she wants to join him and " forget the world" as he does.The song continues with the most relative and manipulated term in the history of songwriting. "Those three words / are said too much / They're not enough." Something more than love doesn't come around often, but it definitely comes around, and these lyrics embody the lack of words we have to describe the feeling. Prior to this, he explains that he doesn't know how to say how he feels. "Those three words" that "aren't enough" are clearly referring to "I love you", and if you think about it, those words are used way too much, almost to the point where they've seemed to lose their meaning entirely. Obviously, the speaker knows this and is trying to get that point across in addition to describing his own feelings, which are more than love. Love can't explain how he feels, because it's too overused and ordinary. What he feels goes beyond love, for it goes beyond anything standard; beyond anything that can be defined in the dictionary. He feels something monumental.Undoubtedly, the speaker wants an extraordinary life with his extraordinary love. In the next lines, he asks again if she'll lie with him and forget the world, and then connects it to the second part of the chorus; "Forget what we're told / before we get too old / Show me a garden that's bursting into life." He wants to embrace his life for what it is now so he can make...

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