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Jennifer AngelucciNovember 3rd, 2006Narrative Essay"Excuse me while I go to lady's room", I said in slight disgust while looking out the window. What a perfect night. The moon is out, stars are shining, along with anything else that make up a perfect night in San Francisco. I look at my watch; I should've left the table twelve minutes ago. It was 8:12 p.m., now. What's the use of living according to the most amazing obstacle-free routine ever made if you're going to steer away from it? "Sure thing," Jessie's eyes meet with mine as I get up from the table, "I'll be right here, along with desert." He has the nicest eyes known to mankind: honey-brown with specks of green in them, kind of like mine - and I always received compliments on mine. He continues to look at me, and I can almost feel his stare tracing the contours of my face. He looks at me the way he would critique a work of art - paying close attention to all of the things that make it "beautiful", "perfect" even."Okay", I say, forcing a smile as I stand up, clutching my purse in my right hand. I smile at Joanne, and her date, Jake, before I turn around and start walking.I can feel the pressure to run to the bathroom, but I know that I can't. Not only were these shoes, although gorgeous, impossible to run in, but I needed to make the perfect impression. All I had to do was conjure up the ideal atmosphere and survive the night in these shoes, and he'll think of tonight as an impeccable first date. I bet he'll want a second date, convinced that I'm the perfect girl for him. He'll have no idea otherwise. Stop digressing, Jen, let's go back to the problem at hand: walking. Don't be frantic. Walk slowly. You'll get down this hallway in less than thirty seconds, no need to rush. The bathroom won't be closed or anything; you'll be able to do what you need to do without anyone noticing. Anyone in the bathroom will probably assume that you ate some undercooked meat and have a weak stomach.I twist the doorknob and push open the bathroom door desperately. Please don't let anyone be in here, I think to myself. And sure enough, no one is. I grab a few towels and walk into one of the five empty stalls. I kneel on the floor and hold my neatly coiled hair up with my left hand as I lean over the toilet bowl. It took me a good two hours to make it look spectacular, no way was I about to mess it up.It takes about a minute, and sure enough, I throw up. Call it forced, if you must, but I really don't mind. I feel better within a matter of seconds.I flush the toilet and walk out of the stall to the nearest sink. I wash my hands, dry them, and reach into my purse for a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste, you know, those small ones you get from the dentist. I brush my teeth vigorously for thirty seconds - standard duration of tooth-brushing for effective dental hygiene. I quickly touch-up my makeup and fix my hair until I look like I just walked out of a beauty salon. I make my way towards the door, reaching out...

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