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There is no escaping the fact that the cost of college tuition continues to rise in the United States each year. To make it worse, having a college degree is no longer an option, but a requirement in today’s society. According to data gathered by the College Board, total costs at public four-year institutions rose more rapidly between 2003-04 and 2013-14 than they did during either of the two preceding decades ( Students are pressured to continue into higher education but yet, the increasing costs of books and tuition make us think about twice. Sometimes, some of these students have to leave with their education partially finished, leaving them with crushing debts. It is ...view middle of the document...

It is a fact that our society as a whole has become numb to the thirst of wisdom.
One way in which students can relieve themselves from the high college tuitions freshly out of high school is by attending a community college for the first two years. Attending a community college has several benefits such as the low tuition and book fees, smaller classes, and experienced teachers at an affordable cost. In this two year period students also have the time to mature and get serious about their career before they get into the four year institution
Another way that would motivate students to stay in school is to encourage timely degree completion. If school offered more two and three year degrees, more students would be motivated to focus and complete their goals. Of thirty fastest growing occupations listed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only half actually require higher than a two-year degree. This Is evidence that more and more of these two and three year degree jobs are available and more affordable for those students that wish to get ahead of themselves. It is just a question of motivating our students to expand their knowledge in order to help our society progress.
Earning college credits in high school is another way that the cost of higher education can be decreased. These...

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