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Jennifer always thought of herself as a good wife. She was caring and trusting. Jennifer knew her husband Mark more than anyone else--at least she thought she did, but one day, everything seemed to change. It was around 3 p.m in the middle of the summer in San Francisco, California when Jennifer walked by her husband’s office. She stopped and stood in front of the closed door when she heard him speaking quietly and quickly into the phone. Jennifer listened closely. “Can you come over later; I need to see you A.S.A.P” Mark whispered. Suddenly, Jennifer was hit with a wave of shock. She immediately panicked and felt hot. Jennifer knew exactly what it could have been. She didn’t want to believe that Mark could actually be cheating on her. Mark ended the phone call and Jennifer walked away and tried to go about the rest of her day.
Later on that night, Jennifer made dinner for her and her husband. Trying to fight back the tears, she immediately overreacted about the broken air conditioning. Knowing that it wasn’t a big deal, Jennifer was still upset about the phone conversation she overheard earlier in the day. “It’s been broken for a while now!” she shouted, “Why can’t you just fix it?”. “I’ve been busy” said Mark. This worried Jennifer. “Yeah, you have been lately”. Mark didn’t seem to think anything of it. It was almost as if Mark didn’t seem to care at all. Jennifer didn’t understand, he had always been a good husband. Mark always saved time for Jennifer and they had been married for 20 years. She couldn’t imagine getting a divorce with Mark. Their relationship was her entire life. Jennifer didn’t give up, instead she decided to investigate more of the situation.
The next morning Jennifer waited for Mark to leave for work. She went through everything. From his office, to every single door of Mark’s belongings, Jennifer found absolutely nothing important. Was she going insane? Jennifer thought to herself that maybe she misunderstood the phone conversation. After all, she only heard his end of the conversation. Jennifer decided to go through one last drawer in Mark’s office and found a small, wrinkled piece of paper with a faded phone number scribbled on it. Feeling brave, she dialed the number. It was only the heating and cooling company. Although she felt embarrassed, she was still going to make Mark fix the air conditioning. Jennifer thought that was the least he could do if he was really cheating on her. Although she could have misinterpreted the conversation, Jennifer still couldn't forget about what she had heard, and she was not...

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