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"I know that I'm going to be ready for this assessment based on the substantiation of my knowledge when it comes to the topic of science and I'm prepared to come face to face with these questions," I proudly announced to myself as I was looking at myself in the mirror. Feeling as if I'm stalling when it comes to the limited time I had to study, I turned around nearly breaking my neck to now look at my bed full of books. I'm constantly referred to as a 'NERD' due to all the books I carry around throughout my day. Those words don't affect me since I know that from being a 'NERD,' I can easily have a successful future and live an enjoyable life. I jumped on my bed with a large leap and got comfortable, so I can begin studying for this major science test. I opened up one of the millions of books I have, and I began to analyze the text. While reading these facts and statements, I began to jot down a few notes on flash cards, so I can easily refer back to them at the time of need. As soon as my mind was about to be filled with the science of our blue planet Earth, out of the blue, I hear a loud BUZZ! Nearly scared out of my skin, I ran to the source of the loud and disturbing BUZZ to realize that it was only my phone. Staring at the almost blinding bright screen, I see that I have a new notification. I sighed deeply and thought to myself "Why am I being bothered when I'm trying to study? Not studying leads to bad grades. As a result of having the bad grades on my record, this then leads to not having a future with a good job, which then leads on to no money, which leads to no food which all at once, results in death." I then threw my phone on my bed as if something completely petrifying appeared on my screen. The phone then replied to the throw with another loud BUZZ! I picked up the phone annoyed from all the buzzing, and I checked my messages. My Inbox was filled with a parade of messages sent from one of my best friends Sophie. It was a whole bunch of random pictures which put a quick smile on my face until I realized that I was procrastinating this whole time. In my head I want to tell her, "STOP SENDING ME, THESE INSIGNIFICANT IMAGERY AND ALLOW ME TO GO BACK TO MY NERDY DUTIES," on the other hand, that would seem to be quite rude and very disadvantageous which is definitely the opposite of what I intend to be. Alternately, I responded to the amusing pictures by texting, "Hey. No harm intended, but I really need to study for the science test Mrs. C gave us." In the blink of an eye, she says in return, "NERD! I'M NOT STUDYING BECAUSE I ALREADY KNOW ALL THE ANSWERS!" Laughing at how she always acts when I study, I text, " I'M NERDY AND I'M PROUD!" I shut down my phone and I throw it far away once again and I say to myself, "Finally. No more distractions. I can now begin to absorb the knowledge of SCIENCE!"
The next day, I wake up at six in the morning to the most vexatious noise known to man, which can be referred to as 'The Alarm...

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1225 words - 5 pages fight against academic misconduct. With sites like and others providing software that compares papers ensuring their originality, the internet has become a professor’s best friend. Some demands that are asked of students are unrealistic and therefore lead to cheating. When it comes to either failing a class or cheating to get a passing grade, students across the board rethink their ethical views. They modify them to allow for academic

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1445 words - 6 pages . In today's society, this type of scenario seems to be common place. Many people are trying to devise a master plan, a solution that will end cheating, something so ingenious that it will stop cheating in its tracks. However, I feel we should look at every angle before trying to create a plan to motivate students to stop the cheating. There are many different people with many different reasons or ideas to explain why cheating occurs

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1385 words - 6 pages ," (Exodus 20:15)."As time passes, cheating becomes a habit," says Michael Josephson, director of the organization that conducted the cheating survey. "You have to decide early in life that honesty is important to you. Sometimes that means doing the right thing when it easy not to."CopycatsAnd even if you don cheat, you might be part of the problem. When Jennifer, 12, realized a friend was copying her homework, she pretended she didn notice. Anna

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1247 words - 5 pages versus 36% of Independents in 1993 reported they were likely to help a friend who asked for help on a test or examination. Cheating doesn=t just begin in college. Studies conducted by McCabe on 4,500 public and private high school students indicated that 72% admit to serious cheating on written work. In addition, 15% admit turning in a paper taken from the Internet. Everyone is hurt when students plagiarize. The student who cheats fails

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604 words - 2 pages If they aren’t copying their friend’s homework, they’re writing the answers on their hand. Cheating has become more popular than ever among high school and college students. Students are feeling the pressure from their parents and teachers to make perfect grades while juggling sports, community service, and friends. Many students feel overwhelmed with homework and the standards they have to meet, so instead of just pushing through