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Cheating Is Against The Rules Essay

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I only have two hours to study for tomorrow’s math midterm due to the additional three essays and two presentations I have to turn in for my other classes. I have divided my available hours and for this exam, I could either study for two hours and not get a good grade, or break the rules by using the notes during the exam, therefore getting a guaranteed A. What should I do?

Cheating is against the rules of all corporations, institutions, and life. It is not viewed as morally correct because as one cheats, one is taking the easy way out and disrespecting those who work hard for the same outcome, therefore breaking binding contract of respecting others around you. It is tempting though, as ...view middle of the document...

We should go by two sets of laws, which are the laws of freedom and the laws of nature. As animals, we follow the laws of nature that help us be alive, for example, such as our cardiovascular system, respiratory system, gravity, and such. Animals act as machines since they do not have the freedom to do anything else, or they do not know anything else. If we were to analyze this case within these laws, it would be impossible to cheat because our task will solely be to take the test. There will be no other forces that would act upon our decision to do something else, therefore stressing the fact that in this case, we would not be free. We would do what is assigned for us to, therefore making us lack the freedom to do an immoral decision. But because as double creatures we have the freedom to cheat if we decide to, then we act as rational beings, following the other set of laws.
As rational creatures we follow laws of freedom. Freedom is not the absence of a structural life. It is set to be named as free since we have the ability to be guided by personal motivation and therefore decide freely on whether to take action or not. These laws are associated with morality and allow each rational being to have a maxim, or things that contribute to their decision-making. Because each person has different motivations, then we can compare them and decide whether these actions could be moral or immoral. If everyone could adopt the same maxim, then the maxim would become a universal law and therefore be moral, instructed by moral law, which is a categorical imperative. Therefore, if a maxim is set to be a universal law, then it cannot be contradicted, like the laws of nature, because it would be the absolute correct thing to do based on the view that we are all equal under this law. To be equal, we would be acting out of moral law, not out of consequences because if we act out of consequence, then another person would not be getting the same benefit in the same way I did. Therefore, for the maxim to be universalized, nothing should be expected in the outcome.
The facts are that if I decide to cheat in this exam, then I would get an A. Because I expect something in return, my maxims are guided by the instructions of a hypothetical imperative. In this case, my decision-making would be reference to the results, which are getting a good grade, not doing much work the night before, and having more time to complete my other assignments. To this, I will be making my decisions out of inclination, and therefore in no way can cheating be created as a universal law, guiding it to be immoral. In the other hand, if I were to...

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