Cheating Runs Rampant At Rocky University

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Cheating Runs Rampant At Rocky University
Universities and colleges across the country are struggling to get a handle on the widespread cheating epidemic that is sweeping the nation. It seems like more and more students are unwilling to put in the time and effort it takes to legitimately pass classes and earn their degrees and are now turning to cheating as a way out. This is a slap in the face to the individuals that spent countless hours and sleepless nights learning the necessary material to pass classes and earn their degrees. The dean of Rocky University felt that cheating was becoming a major problem and commissioned an anonymous exit survey to a sample of 90 business students at the university. The results of the exit survey were jaw dropping with 85 out of 90 business students admitting to cheating at some point while attending Rocky University.
Breakdown and summary of the 90 Student Exit Survey
Students: Students who cheated: Percentage of students who cheated:
Total Students 90 85 94.44%
Male Students 39 35 89.74%
Female Students 51 50 98.04%

Students: Students who copied work off the internet: Percentage of students who cheated:
Total Students 90 49 54.44%
Male Students 39 23 58.97%
Female Students 51 26 50.98%

Students: Students who copied off another's exam: Percentage of students who cheated:
Total Students 90 45 50.00%
Male Students 39 16 41.03%
Female Students 51 29 56.86%

Students: Students who collaborated on individual project: Percentage of students who cheated:
Total Students 90 45 50.00%
Male Students 39 20 51.28%
Female Students 51 25 49.02%
Of the 85 business students at Rocky University who admitted to cheating through the anonymous exit survey it was determined that 35 were male students and 50 were female students leaving only 5 students that did not cheat. When digging a little deeper it was discovered that 49 of the 90 business students admitted to copying work off of the Internet and submitting the work as their own. Out of the 49 business students who admitted to copying work off of the Internet and submitting the work as their own, 23 were male and 26 were female. 45 of the 90 business students admitted to copying off of another student’s exam and of the 45 students who admitted to copying off of another student’s exam, 16 were male and 29 were female. 45 of the 90 business students admitted to collaborating with others on individual projects. Out of the 45 business students who admitted to collaborating on individual projects, 20 were male and 25 were female.

The results of the exit survey are a little troubling with only 5 business students out of 90 not engaging in any form of cheating. It is interesting to see that almost 16% more female business students admitted to cheating off of another student’s exam than their male counterparts. Almost 8% more male business students admitted to copying work off of the Internet and submitting the work as their own as compared to their female...

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