Cheating Vs Collaboration: Professional Accountabl Essay

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Cheating, or helping another cheat, and professional collaboration are two generally opposing ethics that are in a state of transition in light of new technological developments and methodologies in both instructional and actual situations. The antiquated teaching method of memorization and regurgitation is quickly falling by the wayside in modern scholastic environments. While there is some use for it in the early stages of training to "learn the language" of the field, that is where its usefulness ends. In the modern world, much more emphasis is being placed on collaborative education in order to prepare the student for the real world. Indeed, cheat-sheets, process improvement team methodology and knowledge sharing are the order of the day. Cheating in the modern scholastic system can only be accomplished when a student uses unauthorized materials to subvert a test. In collaborative learning, and in real life, there are very rarely any unauthorized materials. Advances in medical science have, in fact, seemed to have changed medical education towards collaborative ethics rather than situations where cheating is even possible. With regards to cheating versus collaborative ethics, we are seeing a true evolution of the medical education process. In a collaborative training situation, to prepare students for disaster response situations, a student team may be required to have each student perform a tracheotomy on a dummy with materials at hand specifically excluding a tracheotomy kit as an available tool. Cheating could only be accomplished if a tracheotomy kit were, in fact, used. In actual professional practice, however, you would be negligent if you did not use a tracheotomy kit if it were available. Such team-based teaching methodologies are increasingly necessary to provide students with the ability to learn teamwork, review results and attain practical knowledge. These methodologies generally preclude cheating and essentially render the very concept of cheating obsolete, as there are generally no "unauthorized" materials. Throughout the entire history of our country, the military has been the "testing ground" for all of our major advances in technology and social change. From steam-driven ships to racial integration and equality, the military is usually the first to experiment with, implement and refine new ideas. This is also true of advancements in the medical field. Collaborative teaching is a teaching methodology that has its roots in the military practice of the after action review (AAR). The AAR is "a rank-free, open discussion among all of the members of small units or command groups about a training or combat event." (Hartle, 2003) This method has been "civilianized" over the years and has finally reached the universities and is incorporated in many disciplines. The introduction of the "theater" operating room is evidence of the adoption of collaborative learning in the profession of medicine. Another example of...

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