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America political system is one of political system that has many sensations. America political system is not built easily. We have learned about the history about America Politic. Where it has been begin, when it has been started, and who has joined to make political beginning. America constitutional was first made when The Albany Congress held. It happened in 1754. The Albany Congress talked about The Albany Plan even though this congress didn’t talk about The Albany Plan only. The Albany Plan or The Albany Plan of Union was consisted of 25 points but those points talked about the America constitutional nowadays.

The America constitution was built by four major principles. Each principle fulfill all the component of poltical and governmental system. Those principles are believed as the guideline of American political thought and for the foundation of the constitution. The four principles are the check and balance and the separations of power, federalism, limited government and judicial review. Check and balance became one of the principle of structuring the government in America, because in the big and large country as America the distribute of power is a big deal, the distribute power in america became one of the first priority, because the people of American believe in equality and balancing power.The American is also afraid of their country become a tyranny country. So they built these systems and put it into the one of these principals at constitutions. The constitution, made by government with three actions. Firstly, the constitutions decided to be divided three branches of government inside the federal government. Those are the judicial, the executive and the legislate (Kernell & Jacobson, 2003). Second, the constitution proposed to distribute the power of each branch. So there is an organized system of power within the system. Third, the constitution is restrained the power of government. So it will minimize some tyranny stuffs in America and the power will be controled by the system and the contitutions.

Check and balance were included in the second ways of creating the government. The creator of constitutions believed that the power should be distributed, not being concentrated on one branch only. The creator or the framed of constitutions also confirmed that in each of three branches has capability to control and restrict the power to the others branch (Kernell & Jacobson, 2003).The check and balance system was actually founded by the French Philosopher, Charles de Monstesquieu (1689-1755) but adopted in American political system during the framing era of constitution. The system of check and balance basically creates the function of each branch and located the right, role and the priority. In these system the power will be clearly organized and each role, right, and function are clearly explained by these system. According to (Kernell & Jacobson, 2003)the distribution of power in check and balance system is...

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