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The Odyssey and Aeneid
Long ago, there were two powerful nations located in southern Europe. First there were the Greeks, this nation was known for the first practice of democracy. Other than democracy, during the Greeks era there was a man by the name Homer who wrote a story called The Odyssey about a great legendary hero named Odysseus. After the Greeks, then came the Romans who ruled Greece for centuries. The Romans during their time were known to have practiced and used many of the Greeks cultures and theories. There was a Roman named Virgil who wrote about the beginning of the Romans. He created a story called The Aeneid; this story was about a Trojan who escaped a losing war to find a ...view middle of the document...

Odysseus on the other hand killed many of the suitors because of what they were doing to his home. Ironically, the king of Ithaca was “disguising himself as a bagger” before even entering his home then killed them (The Odyssey, 116). These two did not just killed because they want to be a known warrior; they killed because it was for their people and home. Though they did not kill any women in their journeys, but had to deal them.
Odysseus and Aeneas both dealt with women during their journeys. Odysseus ran across Calypso in his journey back to Ithaca. He was a prisoner who lived with her for seven years then finally decided to return home. Calypso also had a strong love for Odysseus, but eventually had to release him. Dido, on the other hand had love for Aeneas. Aeneas did not stay as he stated “I left your land your land against my will” for his reasoning “The gods commands drove me to do their will” (The Aeneid, 1112). Even though they both decided to leave women behind, in contrast they both had differences as well.
Odysseus and Aeneas were on different sides during the Trojan War. The Greek king was a human, while the Trojan hero was a demigod. Odysseus may very well have been a real person in Greek history. Aeneas however, seemed more of a fictional character. Odysseus destroyed Troy and made it back home to his wife. Aeneas in contrast lost the war and suffered a lot, in The Aeneid he journeyed for a new home and peace which led to the Roman Empire. Aeneas “suffers and fights, not for himself but for his future; his own life is unhappy” but Aeneas’s suffering led to “Virgil presence” and the “Roman peace led by Augustus” (Virgil, 1052). Despite that they were opposite characters they also had a different way of caring as well.
Aeneas cared much for his people, unlike Odysseus did not care much for his men. Odysseus did not care when his men were killed by the Cyclops, or when they were changed to other animals by Circe. It seems...

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