Check Up Time! Early Detection Of Serious Illnesses

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Every day working as a nurse at Kaiser Permanente, I have helped numerous of our members on their annual physical exam. How about you? Have you had your annual health check-up this year? Did you really do it? If you have a check-up one every year, do you actually know if it is completed? Do you understand the screening tests and examinations you have done? Most of you will answer “no” to at least one of these questions. What is a comprehensive annual physical exam? A comprehensive physical exam is a once-a-year routine screening being done for a general health check even if you feel healthy. It includes preventive health procedures such as mammogram, blood lipid profile, or a check for prostate cancer .The exams and screenings you need will depend on your age, family health history, and lifestyle choices including diet, physical activity level, smoking and drinking alcohol. Timely identification of health problems, which means no more excuses and to take an action to make an appointment with your doctor before it’s too late. Annual physical exams provide the early detection of serious illnesses, the prevention of expensive treatment, wellness maintenance and provide you a more complete picture of your overall health.
Why does everyone a needs regular physical exam? We need to have annual exam to provide early detection of serious illnesses. Why is early diagnosis important? Obtaining an early and accurate diagnosis is the key for any diseases to be cured or successfully managed. According to the National Cancer Institute, the sooner cancer is diagnosed and treated, the better a person’s chance for a full recovery. Often a doctor can find cancer in its infant stages during physical exams or with routine test even if a person has no symptoms. Breast cancer among women ages 40 through 74, especially those older who are older than 50 show results from randomized clinical trials and other studies, that screening mammography can help reduce the death from breast cancer. Cancer patients when detected at the early stages have treatment that is often simpler and more likely to be effective. According to Cancer Research UK, thousands of people beat cancer yearly with the help of early detection. Early detection is only possible if we take the simple step to pick up the phone and schedule an annual wellness exam with our doctor. Moreover, my friend at work was diagnosed with a breast cancer at the early stage. She regularly does a self-exam and has her medical check-ups. At the age of forty during her annual check-up, the doctor told her that she is due for her annual mammogram screening for breast cancer. After two years, she still talks about how early detection of the cancer means so much that her treatment was started earlier in the course of the disease before it has spread.
Consequently, to prevent of expensive treatment of serious illnesses, everyone should have an annual check-up. However, there are people who have a plethora of...

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