“Check Yourself Before You Sext Yourself”

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Have you ever herd of Amanda Todd? Amanda Todd posted a video on YouTube that tells a heart wrenching story about how she was bullied on and offline (Grenoble, 1). “I would go with friends on webcam to meet and talk to new people” (Grenoble, 1). She was called stunning, beautiful, and other nice things after a while they started asking her to flash (TheSomebodyToKnow, 1). A year later, a man contacted her on Facebook and threatened to send around her topless picture if she didn’t put on a show (Grenoble, 1). She later found out the stranger knew everything about her: her address school, friends, and family members (Grenoble, 1). Soon her photo had been sent to everyone (Grenoble, 1).Amanda ...view middle of the document...

“Kids filmed it”, she writes. ” I was all alone and left on the ground” (Grenoble, 1).A teacher ran over to her but she just lay in a ditch until her dad found her (Grenoble, 1). When she went home she drank bleach in an attempt to kill herself, but she was saved by a rushed trip to the hospital (Grenoble, 1). Amanda’s bulling continued despite moving to a new city (Grenoble, 1). Antidepressant and counseling did little to control her severe depression (Grenoble, 1). A month later she committed suicide (Grenoble, 1).
Anyone in Illinois who knowingly sends nude or sexually explicit images to a minor commits the crime of distributing harmful material to a minor (Markin, 1). In Illinois, minors are prohibited from distributing indecent visual of other minors via any electronic communication device (Markin, 1). An adult convicted of child pornography face a potential sentence of five or more years (Markin, 1). People often think child pornography is protected under the first amendment however, it is not which makes it illegal and under contraband of federal law (U.S. Department of Justice, 1). Any electronically stored data that can be converted into visual images of child pornography are also deemed illegal are also under federal law (U.S. Department of Justice, 1). “The legal definition of sexually explicit conduct does not require the picture to depict a child engaging in sexual activity (U.S. Department of Justice, 1).”
Do people ever stop and think what could happen before they send that picture? You can get a reputation because that private photo you sent somehow escaped the phone it was sent to (sexting: what is it, 1). You could rejected because the guy/girl you really want to go out with thinks you send every nudes (sexting: what is it, 1). You get arrested for sending naked pictures of a minor (sexting: what is it, 1). Forty-four percent of boys say that they have...

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