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Exploring Different Types Of Love In Three Poems: A Woman To Her Lover, When We Two Parted And First Love

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Exploring Different Types of Love in Three Poems: A Woman to Her Lover, When We Two Parted and First Love

There is a wide variety of the types of love with different aspects to
the effects and meaning of love. This makes it harder to define them.
There is your first love, which is the first person who have fell in
love with properly, you can be any age, young or old, you r past
relationships have been flings or you may just thought you found the
right one and hadn't. There is emotional love, where you care for
someone more than anything else. However with emotional love there is
emotional blackmail where you are used in order for someone's
happiness but leaves you far from it.

Along with emotional love there is physical love where you show your
love through actions rather than words or feelings.

Physical love is normally shown with sexual behaviour where the other
person reacts with the same actions and behaviour.

Family love is a total different type of love altogether. It is a love
that stands all alone by itself and yet is the strongest love of all.

The bond between mother and daughter or father and son should be the
hardest if not impossible to break and the same for brotherly love. So
you see, there are many types of love, too many to explain and some
aren't even explanatory. Love isn't an item it's a feeling which makes
it harder to explain, everyone has their own definition of love and no
one is right but no one is wrong.

It's a small word but means so much.

Artistic movements are where different themes go across different
types of arts. Some of these subjects are music, drama, dance, videos,
painting and fashion. In the 1920s there was a movement of Punk. Punk
covered quite a few of these subjects and so was classed as an art.
This fashion consisted of ripped clothes, spikey/coloured hair,
tattoos and strange body piercings. Their music was weird and with
short songs it was also very shocking and that was the idea of it.
Vivienne Westwood wanted to shock people and so designed clothes for
punks. Another person who wanted to shock people was Bajelitz who was
a German Painter who be classed as a pedophile because of the
paintings he made. The German Government confiscated some of his work
due to this.

There is also a movement call Romantism, a movement of romance. The
three poems; 'First Love', 'A Woman to Her Lover' and 'When We Two
Parted' are all part of Romantism.

'When We Two Parted' is about feelings that Bryon had for another
woman for whom he met in secret. He describes hi love for Fanny. It is
part of the Romantism movement because he felt love for her although
it was a bitter poem.

'A Woman to Her Lover' has emotional feelings for love and what the
woman describes how she would not be prepared to do everything he
wants her to do.


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