Exploring How Organisations Use Ict Essay

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Exploring How Organisations use ICT

The Northampton Academy is a new comprehensive school situated on the
Billing Brook Road in Lings. There are 1300 students attending this
school with the age range of these varying from 11-18 years.


Many business organisations use ICT in different ways depending on the
type of organisation and how ICT can improve and help the business.
The Northampton Academy is good example of a business that uses ICT in
administration, in a more advanced and wider range of ways.

The Academy needs to be able to send out letters to parents providing
information such as how well their child is doing in school, whether
or not their child is displaying the right kinds of behaviour in
school, or information on educational trips coming up which their
child may be interested in or is a part of. Newsletters also need to
be sent out providing the parent's of each and every child in the
Academy with information about forthcoming events, plans for the
future and general information such as school term dates.
The variety of ways in which they use ICT in administration, are those
such as at times like registration. The register will be taken by the
teacher and each student marked present or absent, and then the
register will be taken to reception where the staff will then feed it
through an OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) machine. This saves time and
effort of those that would otherwise have to type in the information
of every student, saying whether or not they are present at school
that day, so that each pupil's attendance is recorded on their
systems. With this information the computers will be able to work out
each pupil's percentage of attendance to put on individual records and
also to enable them to keep on top of truancy and report attendance
levels to parents.
The school has to keep a record of every pupil's data on their
databases which is all done through ICT and typed into the databases
on their computers. These need to be able to be updated if a student
has a change of address or a slight change of information. The contact
details can be stored easily and found easily which means it is a lot
quicker to search for information on each student. It is important for
the information to be retrievable quickly because if a child is ill or
is in urgent need of going home, then telephone numbers and emergency
contact information on that student needs to be found as quickly as
possible and the staff don't have the time to be searching through
paper files looking for that students information. Some of the
information on each pupil is needed to be kept confidential, and
because it is all recorded through computers, rather than having to be
written out and stored in filing systems, which would take up much
more room and time searching for...

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