Exploring The Possiblity Of Extra Terrestrial Life.

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AliensFor many a centuries, man has believed that we are alone in the universe. With the advent of new technology and our better understandings of science, this belief is slowly dissipating. New light has been shown on the subject, yet it is still for you to decide. In these pages I will talk about not aliens as a whole, but certain topics of interest within. The two major battles over alien solidity are the Pyramids of Giza, and the omnipresent crop circles. So let's jump in.For centuries now, many a crop circles have appeared in various farmlands around the world. Up to 300 crop circles appear each year, and up until 1996, the only explanations were "earth energy", small tornadoes, or that aliens did it. Where they right? In 1996 a group a group of people came forward and said they have been making crop circles in the area. So it was accepted that similar groups around the world have been doing the same thing. Yet, that is not all the facts. Here is how they said they made the crop circles: they would get a large board and flatten the wheat and what-not in the fields the make designs. They would also stick a pole into he ground, tie a rope in the ground and spin around it, having the rope push down the wheat. Problem solved right? Wrong, this method has been tested by scientist amongst others; yes, this can be used to make designs, but not to the uncanning accuracy that some have been found. Absolute perfect circles and geometric shapes have been found where these methods couldn't have made, not matter how hard you try. Also, there has been crop circles that have been found that are 300 years old, now why haven't anyone come forward until just now? To boot there is documented footage and bright lights in the sky moving, and then they go out and discover a crop circle in the fields. There have been so many crop circles found that humans couldn't have possibly made all of them. There have been reports that when you step into a "real" crop circle, you get sick for weeks and that you watch stops working.The evidence that is stated above can also prove the point that says humans do it. Humans CAN build crop circles. This is proven many times. So some are better then others. There are artists better than other artists' right? Crop circles can be made in many fashions, here is the most popular one. You stick a pole in the ground, and then you put a chain on it. You walk around the pole keeping the chain taut; this gives you your radius. Now, all you have to do is push down the remaining stuff inside the radius. This doesn't seem very hard does it? That is because it is not. That also explains why so main of them show up. Sure, some are more "accurate" than others. So what, some people are just more creative. Humans can and do make crop circles. This is the simple fact. Yet, did humans build ALL of the crop circles? This point can be debated forever, in the end it is only you that can decide what you believe.Now that is all said and done we move on to...

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