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Checks And Balances Essay

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Checks and balances
United States Constitution has specific system designed to prevent one of the three branches from gaining control or becoming powerful. Checks and Balances is the system that has been put on the effect due to many instances over the course of the year history. The designed system of Checks and Balances is very open yet complex. The president appointing powers can be limited through the judicial review if he is not fulfilling his responsibility as a leader. This is when a justice can declare a law unconstitutional. These are fundamental of government under which different branches are empowered to prevent actions by other branches and are formed to share power. These powers include recess appointment, the unilateral appointment, and nomination appointments are the backbone of the president to carry out his duty and to fulfill the obligation of the nation interest. The president has been given some of the responsibility to use them wisely to run his administration. The president has the right to get advice from the senate and attorney general when he comes to deal with the judges.
The process of the appointment power that fall under the president, are nomination powers. The nomination politics take the process where the president formal appointee is received by the senate. The nomination is sent by the presiding officer to the concerned committee where the committee chairs the schedule hearing. For the nomination to go forward, the plurality members of the committee must then report that nomination to the floor. At this point, it depends with the senate majority on the floor to vote for the confirmation. In the process the nominee will wait the signed commission from the president. The nomination process gives the senators the strong check on the president’s power to name person to the federal vacancies. The senators have the power to kill the nomination in different ways. The simplest means of defeating a nomination is when the senators form a coalition on the floor through which majority vote against the nomination. For instance, president Regan nominee of 1987 Supreme Court Robert Bork was rejected by the senate. This normally takes place when the senate fully constrained the president to a point someone on the reservation point. Moreover, the committee can down play the nomination from being considered by the full senate which at the end kills the nomination. In addition, the senate can reject the nominee by sending to the media and committee identifying negative information about the appointed nominee for hearing. Placing hold or filibuster on nominees, the senators have the upper hand of blocking votes from taking place because the advantage of the senate’s lack of formal means to end the debate. This always happens because the pending nomination, the president approval, the senate judicial committee, and the ideological distance between the key senators can jeopardize the confirmation of...

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