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Cheer: More Then Just A Game.

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Cheer:More then just a gameWhen you think of the word cheerleading, I can only guess what your mindcomes up with. Maybe your thinking of ditzy girls with short skirts, well that's not quiteright. Or maybe you're thinking of flirting girls who are not even in a sport or athletic,well mostly that is not right either. But for those of you who were thinking of girls whoput in a lot of effort, hardwork, skill, teamwork, practice, spirit, heart, attitude andpride (just to mention a few qualities), well you are right! There is a lot more tocheerleading then meets the eye. I want you to know that cheerleading is a sport, and formost, the stereotypes are all wrong.Cheerleading is a sport, and even though you may have heard this in a movie, weare not just "dancers gone retarded", because not only do we dance, but we also jump,kick, cheer, chant, stunt, and tumble. That's like a dancer, a gymnast, and a spiritleader all in one! If you look up the word sport in a dictionary, one of the manydefinitions is: (in Webster's new world dictionary) such an activity, especially whencompetitive, requiring more or less vigorous bodily exertion and carried on, according tosome traditional form or set of rules. Cheering is vigorous, and we do have rules, andalthough not all squads choose to do so, we do compete.Like in the movie "Bring It On", the character Torrence asks "Ever been to acheerleading competition?" Well, I will ask you the same question, just as people go towatch a football game, people fill the stands to cheer for the cheerleaders. Some squadswill go home happy, and others will leave crying (actually most squads cry for a win or aloss). It is real and it is competition. I know, I have been in both positions. To know thatyour squad worked together although many of the girls may have disliked one another,really used that term: practice makes perfect, put in all the effort and really tried theirhardest, but did not even place at competition can be a huge disappointment. Trust me,unless you have been there then you have no idea, I was crying for a week, and it reallyaffected the way I felt for at least that long. But at the same time, proving to everyonehow close your squad really worked together, and learned an awesome routine andproving to everyone that your squad is the best and winning, is such an awesome feeling,it...

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