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Cheerleader (What Activity Or Program Is Most Meaningful To You And Explain Your Reasons Sor Involvemnet.)

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CheerleaderThe first image in one's mind is a female who walks around in a short skirt, with her pony tail bobbing from side to side, and a grin that is as phony as her attitude. An airhead whose only response is "Ready?", "Okay!"; whose only physical coordination involves clapping her hands and stomping her feet. Obviously, not considered the brightest crayon in the box, right? She is just a pretty decoration standing on the sidelines, more worried about breaking a sweat, than about her team winning the game. Yet, some cannot imagine her breaking a sweat because to them, cheerleading is not a sport. However, contrary to what many perceive it to be, cheerleading aids in leadership skills, in following through commitments, and ...view middle of the document...

Additionally, a cheerleader has to be committed and liable at all times. Accountability is just not only to games, but her squad as well. Each member of the squad assists in leading the crowd, building a stunt, or making signs. A squad has to quickly learn that there is no "I" in team, and that the word "can't" does not exist in a cheerleader's vocabulary. At practices there is consistent encouragement to each other to "try the stunt again," "make one's jumps higher," or "tighten up one's motions." Everyone counts on one another to attend practice to improve the team's weaknesses. Cheerleaders are far from perfect, but are reliable enough to pick the other up when one falls.Besides teaching leadership and commitment, cheerleading strongest impact is on the cheerleader's character. When she walks out in front of a crowd, everyone is watching. She must realize that when she wears that uniform, she is no longer one person, but a representation of her squad as a whole. She should strive daily to have a positive attitude in or out of the uniform so someone would not only think "Yeah she's a great cheerleader," but that she also has real character. One who is a role model for many little girls who attend the games sporting their uniform with a pompom, trying their best to follow the cheers. Also one who possesses qualities that other cheerleaders, and adults, can respect and admire.Contradicting many beliefs of being an obnoxious, dim-witted, Barbie doll, obtaining the title of a cheerleader is not an easy feat. It means being open to learn diligence, dedication, and reliability. To share one's passion with others and seeing their admiration makes it all worthwhile.

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