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"Drinking and....then....umm...something comes after that...I think..." By. Before I begin my report of the short stories by Cheever I would like to say, "VERY REPETITIVE!" Thank you now the report may begin. One book that I can "connect to" is the book of short stories by Cheever. It isn't really the idea that the stories were set in the 40's that gets me, it's the idea that almost every story revolves around drinking. The whole idea of having servants and being an elevator operator didn't really click with me either. As a matter of fact, I found the book terribly written, very repetitive, and on top of all that very very bland. I can say however that the book had a lot of drinking in it, which I can relate to. I KNOW, I KNOW....this is Cretin-Derham Hall...we shouldn't talk about such things. Well, to hell with that. I'm throwing out all the books and pulling all the stops on this one. I'm gonna be different then everyone and write about something not-so-conforming. Well, this is how it all began. It all started out when my family really started getting screwed up. It was just too much for me and I needed a way out. They all screamed at each other about this or that and everyone seemed to give me a wicked eye about it all. Like somehow this whole ordeal was my fault. So I did what was the closest thing to an answer I could think of, I started smoking weed. A lot of it, everyday I did it. I would go to school stoned, come home from school stoned, and go to sleep stoned. I WAS ALWAYS HIGH. All of this weed seemed to worsen my condition though, I thought this was going to help me. I was even more confused. I quit doing weed and almost committed suicide, let me tell you...three hours in a smoldering room with a gun to your head can change you. It did. I didn't kill myself but all my problems were sitting right across the room glaring at me. Not so close anymore but still there. They died down...

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662 words - 3 pages “The Swimmer” by John Cheever and “Winter Dreams” by F. Scott Fitzgerald have many elements in common. These stories are about two wealthy men interacting with other wealthy people. As the stories progress Neddy and Dexter search for the truth and the meaning of life. These two literary works fall under the literary movement called The Lost Generation. Finally, at the end of the narratives they are both grieving for themselves and realize that

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916 words - 4 pages Authors tend to have writing styles that set them apart from other authors. “Salvation” by Langston Hughes and “Reunion” by John Cheever are two short stories, both written by acclaimed authors, describing a life changing experience each author had at a young age. It may seem like both stories are completely different in every aspect. However, after analyzing both stories, it becomes apparent that they have plenty in common. Both stories are

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1310 words - 5 pages Good vs. Evil in John Cheever's The Five-Forty-Eight John Cheever was an award winning American author of the twentieth century. His work often possessed 'psychological and religious vision' with central themes of 'sin, deception, and redemption' (Kennedy, 551). Cheever's short story entitled 'The Five-Forty-Eight' portrays a struggle of good vs. evil. Following the themes of sin, deception, and redemption, we read of a young woman (good

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636 words - 3 pages John Cheever's "The Enormous Radio" In the short story by John Cheever called "The Enormous Radio" it begins with Jim and Irene Westcotts appearing like the perfect American family. Cheever describes them as "the kind of people who seem to strike that satisfactory average of income, endeavor, and respectability" (Cheever 1). What is ironic about this story is the Westcotts are far from being the perfect family and the community they try to

Hidden Truths in The Enormous Radio

864 words - 3 pages real, into individuals who realize that appearances are deceiving. Cheever develops the motif of innocence by details like Irene’s "wide, fine forehead upon which nothing at all had been written" (817). Cheever also includes the fact that Irene "wore a coat of fitch skins dyed to resemble mink" (817). This is a very dishonest, not innocent, clue about the Westcott’s status. Jim’s youthfulness also represents innocence: Cheever states that "he

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1853 words - 7 pages accused anybody could. Elizabeth: "They've surely gone wild now, Mr Hale!"Elizabeth's words echo what the audience is thinking. The audience is aware of the dangers arising and fear for what is going to happen next. Arthur Miller grasps the attention of the audience by building up the suspense. Arthur Miller brings the scene to its climax by the entrance of Ezekiel Cheever."Enter Ezekiel Cheever. A shocked silence

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1876 words - 8 pages There is a common notion that money cannot buy happiness. This may be true for most, but not for John Cheever’s protagonist, Neddy Merrill, in “The Swimmer”. John Cheever was born May 27, 1912 in Quincy, Massachusetts. He has written many short stories for various publishers such as The Atlantic, The Yale Review and The New Yorker. In 1930, John Cheever published his first story in The New Republic; and in 1941, he married Mary Winternitz

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1118 words - 4 pages teaching position at M.I.T. and rarely caters to the needs of his wife.  The relation between Cheever's story and the movie is that Crowe is unaware of his metal illness, but after people and certain events occur, he acknowledges that particular events existed and others were a figment of his imagination.  This interesting transformation from a normal person to a mental illness sufferer is somewhat similar to what Cheever is

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972 words - 4 pages The Difficult Lesson of  The Enormous Radio   "The Enormous Radio" by John Cheever begins with Jim and Irene Westcott who are an average American couple with an average American family. Cheever describes them as middle-aged, having two young children, a pleasant home, and a sufficient income. On the surface they seem to have a perfect life, but underneath this is not the case. In the course of the story, Irene’s imperfections are revealed

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655 words - 3 pages willpower to withstand such a wretched ordeal. Abigail Williams, Elizabeth and John Proctor, Mary Warren, Reverend Parris and even Reverend Hale had changed drastically because of what they had to go through during the course of the play. However, other characters such as Ezekiel Cheever and Marshall Herrick did not really change noticeably. Reverend Parris and Reverend Hale are two characters in "The Crucible" that did change, and Ezekiel Cheever

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1934 words - 8 pages moves on, even if one is not ready. "The Swimmer" is a short story written by John Cheever, a writer who used his own experiences as inspiration for his stories - "Cheever's problems with his parents, brother, wife, alcoholism, and bisexuality have already been outlined in HOME BEFORE DARK, the 1984 memoir by his daughter, Susan Cheever, but Scott Donaldson… goes into more detail about these personal matters while showing how the writer turned the

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1579 words - 6 pages period of time, most likely a couple of months. Unfortunately, Neddy is trapped inside his routine and does not realize of the changes around him. For that everything he sees in his suburbs are the same, just middle class houses that all look alike. The story does an excellent job in showing how unaware Neddy is in his own decline. In John Cheever's "The Swimmer," Cheever uses diction and symbolism to express the theme of repetitive human life

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1854 words - 7 pages In the short story The Swimmer by John Cheever, one of the dominant themes is the passage of time. In this short story time seems to pass as reality does with us unaware of its passing. The main character is the protagonist hero, Neddy Merrill who embarks on a traditional theme of a homeward journey. The scene opens on a warm mid-summer day at an ongoing pool party with Neddy and his wife Lucinda. The pool is “fed by an artesian well with a high