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Chefs Essay

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It does not require a master's degree or being the smartest in your class, just a love for cooking and a mindset to achieve your goal. To some it is a job; something they do to earn an income. To others, it is a passion; a hobby they have enjoyed their entire life. From line chefs, to pastry chefs, there are many different types of chef's in the culinary industry. Some work in small restaurants located in tiny towns. Others work in large chain hotels on tropical islands in the Caribbean. From salary to location, to your main culinary focus, there is a wealth of opportunities in culinary arts. What follows may help to understand the choices and what it takes to get there. Most culinary careers will recommend having your high school diploma or an equivalent, however it is not required. During high school, there are many different classes that one can take, to prepare for a future in culinary arts. For example, at Dublin Scioto High School, one can take classes such as Global Gourmet and Foods and Fitness. These classes teach students different cooking techniques and methods. While in high school, one can also get involved in special culinary training programs.Special culinary training programs help students to get a jump-start on their cooking career. One such program, Careers through Culinary Arts, is a hands- on program that aids students in gaining experience in the field. Such programs also help teens to get into internships and to earn scholarship and contest money.After completing high school, one has many options involving a career in culinary arts. Some choose to enter certificate programs and others choose to enter apprenticeships. Some choose to cook abroad, but most choose to enter culinary schools. If one chooses to enter a Culinary Institute, there are yet again more choices.When attending a culinary school or institute, there are three basic options. The first is getting certified as a Culinarian by taking basic cooking classes on techniques and preparation. The second is to not only take basic cooking classes, but to take additional classes such as menu planning to earn an associate's degree in occupational science. Upon taking ever more classes, one could earn their bachelors' degree in Occupational Science.The specific responsibilities of chefs and cooks are determined by a number of factors, including the type of restaurant in which they work and their specialization in culinary arts. Chefs and cooks are often responsible for directing the work of other kitchen workers, estimating food requirements, and ordering food supplies. Some chefs and cooks also help plan meals and develop menus. Institutional chefs and cooks, for example, work in the kitchens of schools, cafeterias, businesses, hospitals, and other institutions. For each meal, they prepare a...

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