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In 2001, there were 249,000 victims of rape, attempted rape, and assault. This figure does not include any children under twelve years of age. Crimes including types of sexual abuse and assault are some of the leading crimes in the United States. A drug called Depo-Provera has been proven effective in numerous cases for abusive or violent males. This drug is used in many states to act as a "chemical castration" for males. Chemical castration has also been known to aid in prevention of STDs such as HIV.Males in the United States who abuse, rape, or molest violently or continuously should be forced to be chemically castrated by the Government.Chemical castration is an ideal punishment for sex offenders. Depo-Provera has more commonly been of use to women in the past. This drug was injected into the female's arm in order to act as a birth control method. Now the drug, Depo-Provera has been proven effective in some medical defects that males carry. The most common defect it has been used for is increased levels of testosterone. When injected into a male, Depo-Provera can reduce testosterone levels, and in tern will reduce violent behavior and sexual tension. The drug has also been proven to reduce levels of anxiety in ales, which also leads them to harming others. Because of the reduction in the need/want for violence and sexual activity the male who has been treated would be less likely to abuse and/or rape others.Some people may consider injections on a weekly basis in order to castrate men a form of "cruel and unusual punishment", however, cruel and unusual is being aware that the offenders will attack innocent women and children, and still doing nothing to prevent it. Injections of Depo-Provera is more of a therapy than anything else. It is an effective therapy that will protect the innocent, the future victims of the heinous crimes.Depro-Provera is not a permanent drug therapy. At any time the injections may be discontinued and the males testosterone level will be increased back to it's previous state. Through this form of therapy a male can regain testosterone, however, the victims that were and would have been harmed if the injections would have been performed will never be able to regain their virginity. The victims are forced to give up something they held dear to them and will never be able to get it back, unlike the testosterone that a male will lose and gain according to the injections of Depo-Provera.Rape victims are far more likely to develop depression and PTSD, other wise known as post-traumatic stress disorder. In fact, at least one in every four rape victims will continue to have these medical disorders for more than a year after the traumatic event or assault. Rape violates and destroys the victim's previous perception and assumption about their own world. Many of the victim's beliefs, trusts, and feelings about mankind will be permanently shattered. Although the physical damage which is a direct consequence to the innocent victim...

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