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How An Acid (Coke) Can React Together With Potassium To Create A Charger For An I Pone

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The purpose of this experiment is to show how an acid (Coke) can react together with potassium to create a charger for an iPhone. Potassium and acid formed together makes bubbles. With both potassium and acid working together, they will give off energy to the iPhone. Why Coke? Every liquid will be either acidic or basic traits. An acid-base reaction is a chemical reaction that happens between an acid and a base. There are multiple definitions when considering the reaction mechanism when solving problems. Regardless of what the problem is, it’s always a known fact that when using liquid or gaseous reactions, they become less apparent. You want to use Coke because its pH is the acidity of the substance. For an acidity to be considered neutral, and has to have a pH balance of 7 or somewhere around 7. It ranges from acids to bases. Coke is an acidic because its carries a pH balance of 2.525, meaning it is very corrosive. Because Coke is an acid, it’s very easy for it to function as a decaying tool. Some say that Coke can be considered very dangerous because it can do such things as cause tooth decay, rust nails, and clean toilets, but truth is, Coke is a very big reactive acid that is consumed by millions of people on a regular basis.

Whether people know it or not, chemical reactions happen all the time in everyday life experience. Some you can see just by looking at them and others are a little bit difficult to determine. One might ask, well, what is a chemical reaction and how did this idea come about? Based off of many studies and experiments, Luis Istolar is the scientists that discovered a chemical reaction. A chemical reaction is defined as a reaction in which the composition of a substance and/or element is change and something new is formed, which is the opposite of a physical change. In this particular experiment, a chemical reaction was created because of the materials that were used within it. The materials that the team had to gather in order for this experiment to be complete and accurate were: a fruit (a ripe banana), a can of Coke, an iPhone, wires (RCA cables), and an iPhone charging cable. The banana was used as the main source in this experiment because the main objective was to find out if a fruit could charge an iPhone without being plugged into an actual outlet. In this lab, the Coke acts as an acid and the banana is potassium. The RCA cables were used as connectors to stick one side into the banana and the other side in the Coke itself. The Coke can is used to basically start the chemical reaction by the RCA cables that are put inside it which in return is still connected to the banana. Just like plugging the cables into a television, the red cable is usually used for right analog audio (the red goes in at the top end of the banana which is to the right) and the white cable is usually used for mono analog audio (the white goes in at the end of the fruit which is to the left.) The team used an iPhone...

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