Chemical Reactions And Breakdown Of Food Such As Starch Digestion Using Salivary Enzymes Health Science Foundation Report

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Enzymes are proteins which are made in the ribosome, produced by all living organisms. Enzymes serve as a catalyst that speeds up chemical reactions. A catalyst is any substance that increases the rate of chemical reaction. Compounds that are built up more complexes are broken down into simpler compounds by enzymes. A specific enzyme must be present for the certain type of compound. For example, Starch is a more complex compound and the enzyme that breaks down starch to maltose which is sugar is called amylase.
Enzymes are essential for the digestive system which helps breakdown of food. Different enzymes with different functions are produced in particular areas of the digestive tract.
To investigate the chemical reactions and breakdown of food such as starch digestion using salivary enzymes.
Starch and glucose will be present in the saliva substitute and biscuit mixture but won’t be with just only saliva substitute.
· Sugar free biscuit
· 8 test tubes
· test tube rack
· beaker
· thermometer
· filter funnel
· filter paper
· iodine solution
· benedict’s solution
· water bath at 37 degrees
· water bath at 100 degrees
· saliva substitute (1% amylase)

Benedict solution changes colour from blue to orange in the presence of sugar.
Iodine solution changes colour from yellow to dark/black in the presence of starch
· Testing with saliva substitute for sugar and starch
4ml of saliva substitute is placed into two test tubes each. Testing for glucose, 3 dropped of benedict solution is placed in one of the test tube and placed into a water bath of 100 degrees. The test tube sat in the water bath for 3minutes. Testing for starch, the other tube was added with 2 drops of iodine. Observations were recorded.
· -Testing biscuit for sugar and starch
The biscuit is crushed into powder and was filled into a test tube about 1cm. 37 degrees of warm water was added to the test tube to the depth of 5cm. The mixture was then shaken thoroughly. Two test tubes were lined with a filter funnel and filter paper. The biscuit mixture was poured into the funnel to collect about 1-2cm of filtrate. Testing for glucose in the biscuit filtrate, 3 drops of benedict’ solution was added in the tube of filtrate and...

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