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Since The First world War up to now, toxic gases died thousands of people. How many people have been suffering from toxic gases? How many people have permanent diseases because of toxic gases? Toxic gases have been using as chemical weapons to attack people. Chemical weapons had been using in The First World War and they had been using in Iraq against Iran and Kurdistan. Also, chemical weapons have been using in Syria. Chemical weapons killed and injured thousands of people. Therefore, chemical weapons can destroy our life, cause many permanent diseases and attack our world.

Chemical weapons are toxic gases, which use in the wars such as World War 1. Chemical weapons used in First World War ...view middle of the document...

Initial researches appear 2.9% of the people in north of Iraq have been incurred to chemical weapon between April 1987- August 1988. In April of 1987, Iraqi forces used chemical weapons against Sheikh Wasan village and Balisan village for first time. In that attack, more than 100 people were killed and most of them were women and children. Also, On March 16,1988 Iraqi forces attacked on halabja town, which had 80000 to 90000 people. That attack is the largest chemical weapons attack with civic people up to now. In addition, people who survived of death have a lot of health problems such as shortness of breath, cough, skin burn and lacrimation and eye irritation. For example, “ A forty eight year woman wearing black clothes presented to our center at 1999 complaining from shortness of breath (SOB)”(Kawa Dizaye 27). Also, On August 21, 2013 in Tarma, Syrian regime attacked civilians with chemical weapons, which was sarin gas. Therefore, chemical weapons are more dangerous than guns.

Chemical weapons have to be destroyed and stopped using them; before can’t control that. In March 1995, thousands of people collapsed in Tokyo subway station and 12 persons died because a terrorist group attacked the station with sarin gas. Now there are many of revolutions in the Middle East of the World especially Syria and Syria has a chemical weapon. If terrorist groups got on that chemical weapons, the world will get risk of terrorist attacks. After that, the world will not be able to control the chemical weapons. Therefore, the world should control the chemical weapons to save the world life; before they can’t.
Chemical weapons are useful protection weapons to protect a country’s right. Chemical weapons using can protect every country and they support a country’s power. Also, chemical weapons are used through war against others, so every country should have them to protect its nation and its rights. In addition, most countries have these weapons and there is an international convention for using them. Therefore, chemical weapons are under control and no country can use them wrongly. In addition, when a...

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