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Chemical Weapons The Silent Killers Essay

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Since the third century A.D weapons that harness the power of chemical reactions have been used, intended for military use; however, in recent history terrorists have been able to acquire these gaseous weapons of mass destruction. After their release there is no possibility of containing chemical weapons as they are spread by the wind throughout a massive area. There are no moral implications for these weapons as they possess no positive use for society. Chemical weapons have plagued humanity since their creation with their unrestricted slaughter of soldiers and civilians, their use in mass genocides, and the damage caused to the environment.
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Most have been laced with arsenic, a toxic element, or hydrogen cyanide (“Chemical Warfare”). Respiratory agents make is almost if not impossible for the affected person to breathe suffocating the victim, most infamous agent chlorine (“Chemical Warfare”).
Secondly, since their creation chemical weapons have been used by armies, in death camps, and recently by terrorists to cause massive harm to enemy soldiers, prisoners, and even civilians. Chemical weapons have been used throughout history; however, until recent years they were extremely difficult to produce. Between 1915 and 1968 almost every major developed country has stockpiled some array of chemical weapons (“Results Filter”). The oldest evidence of chemical weapons use dates back to 256 A.D, in a city called Dara-Europos in what is present day Syria, it was found sulfur compounds had used to kill Roman Legionnaires (“Chemical warfare, From Rome to Syria”). In 1346, in the city of Caffa on the Crimean peninsula an Italian held city was under siege by the Tartars, suddenly a mysterious plague decimated the numbers of the Tartars. However, the Tartars launched the heads of the dead infected soldiers into Caffa and forced the Italians to retreat, this mysterious plague turned out to be the Black Death, a plague that would cripple Europe (“Chemical warfare, From Rome to Syria”). While the French and Indian War raged in 1763, British soldiers gave smallpox infected blankets to the Native Americans crippling their populations (“Chemical warfare, From Rome to Syria”). In 1915, at the second battle of Ypres, Belgium German soldiers tried to wipe out French and Belgian troops by hurling shells filled with chlorine at them: however after seeing the damage the gas did the Germans retreated (“Chemical warfare, From Rome to Syria”). From the 1960’s-1970’s the U.S used Napalm and Agent Orange to clear away jungle in the Vietnam War, Agent Orange had many adverse effects on soldiers who were unbeknownst to areas sprayed by the chemicals (“Chemical warfare, From...

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