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Chemistry Career Research Project: Forensic Science

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Forensic science, the versatile studying and analyzing of specific information from the past such as blood, DNA, crime scenes, and evidence, takes many years of experience to master but the results can be influential on many aspects of everyday life. Most commonly used in criminal justice, the career requires specific skills and knowledge. If even one slight mistake is made, an innocent could be put behind bars or the safety of a community could be threatened.
When aspiring scientists decide to go into the field of forensic science, many prerequisites are needed. In high school and even in the first years of college, certain courses should be taken. English, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology ...view middle of the document...

These high salaries are a direct connection to the lack of forensic scientists in our nation’s communities. However, those who choose to devote their life to science tend to have a sense of pride knowing that they are influencing their society with the work that they do.
Every single day, in some manner, forensic science is visible to the general public. The most common usage is found in criminal justice, whether it be in a lab or in court. Prosecutors need to know everything they can about a certain crime so they can apprehend the suspect as soon as possible. By examining evidence, forensic scientists can provide an extensive amount of information, including cause of death, time of death, and the events leading up to a murder. More and more unsolved cases are being resolved, as well. However, forensic science has provided the world with more than just criminal investigation. DNA analysis has allowed parents to be reunited with their children and vice versa. Military remains can know be identified and families can be at peace. By identifying patterns, safety precautions and accident preventions can be issued in the form of recalls. Diseases can be quickly cured and terrorist attacks can be hindered because of the ability to track and locate explosive devices. Science has evolved extensively, allowing for issues of the past to be properly elucidated.
Taking everything into account, forensic science has an incredible impact on our everyday lives. By using modern technology as well as their own inferences, forensic scientists have given people the opportunity to know more about everyday...

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