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Chemistry Careers Report

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Chemistry is “the science that deals with the composition and properties of substances and various elementary forms of matter”. There are five branches of chemistry. There is organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and biochemistry. We are affected by chemistry everyday. Whether it is the air we breathe or what is in soil, chemistry is everywhere. You can get various careers that involve the use of chemistry. You can be a forensic chemist, a geochemist, or even a food chemist. They each are unique in their very own way and require different abilities.
Crimes. They are happening everyday and we need people to help solve these mysteries. Who has ...view middle of the document...

If you want to work with the evidence, you should focus on your instrumentation skills, and takes courses in soil chemistry, geology, and materials science. If you would rather interpret toxicology reports, you should take courses in chemistry, physiology, and biochemistry. If you would prefer to analyze DNA, you'd be learning forensic biology. It's still in the forensic chemist category. You should focus on taking courses on microbiology, biochemistry, and genetics. For higher positions such as lab director, a PhD is preferred. To be a lab manager you might need a masters degree. Some schools even offer PhD s in forensic chemistry. You should make sure that the school is accredited by the American Academy of Forensic Science.
Majority of forensic chemists face the same environment. In fact, about ninety percent of them work in labs provided by the government. There aren't many private labs that require forensic chemists. They must stand or sit for long periods of times, use highly technical equipment, and preform repetitive tasks. Forensic chemists use their knowledge of chemistry, criminalistics, biology, genetics, and materials science in order to examine the evidence. Law officials sometimes pressure these chemist in order to speed up the results. A forensic chemist must prioritize well and work efficiently while making sure the results are accurate. They must also testify in court. A forensic chemist must explain the information in a way that the jury can understand them.
The job outlook for forensic chemists is excellent. This career choice is getting more popular since it is shown glamorously in shows such as CSI, Bones, and Dexter. Many people compete with each other in order to work as a forensic chemist. The use of DNA analysis is creating more jobs. The problem is that new laboratories are rarely created. Also, the DEA must stay within the government's budget, so the labs can keep running. Therefore, they must decrease the number of openings and employees. A forensic chemist might make between $27,683 to $52,471 a year.
How do we learn more about Earth? We use geochemists to do that. There are many types of geochemistry, any in which a geochemist can study. In crystal geochemistry, a geochemist studies the
Lermanda 3
pattern of different crystals and the properties of the crystals are determined based upon their chemicals. Geochemist use isotope geochemistry to find the origin and age of rocks, minerals, the planets, and our Earth by using isotope patterns and radioactive isotopes. High temperature geochemistry is the study of the formation of rocks and the crust of Earth that are located in hot springs or deep in volcanoes. Geochemists study low temperature geochemistry to study the behaviors or elements or minerals located near the surface of the Earth, usually involving water,...

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