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Chemistry During Spring Break Essay

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Chemistry is the study of matter and the changes that occur with matter. Matter is basically everything, therefore, chemistry is everywhere in daily life. During my Spring Break, I did a few things that are related to chemistry. The activities I did in the past week would be going to Disney, eating McDonald's a few times, cook a full meal for my family, paint and redecorate my bedroom, and I played a couple softball games. The topics of chemistry varies from atoms to heat. Surely this Spring Break there was a lot of heat.
My trip to Disney was more or less adventurous. With having 6 kids and 3 adults being there what may have been a 6 hour day at Disney felt like 12 hours. The temperature ...view middle of the document...

" Therefore, the calories can not simply disappear but may be burned into another form which would be energy.
In addition to all the calories from my Mac Attack, I had to prepare a full meal for my family as same with the calories that I just discussed. Heat energy was used throughout this cooking process. Using the oven to cook I was using heat transfer. Heat transfer is from something that is high temperature to something with a lower temperature. The stove and oven use The First Law of Thermodynamics as well, never being destroyed or created but may change the form of the food. When cooking basically anything chemical reactions occur. A chemical reaction is a chemical change which forms new substances.
Another thing that I did was paint and redecorate my room. Painting seems like a fun way to get dirty and it be enjoyable but it is hard work. If anything I did this Spring Break was more related to chemistry it would have to be painting. Paint has so many types of chemicals and chemical compounds. A chemical compound is a chemical substance made of two or more different covalently or ionicly bonded chemical elements. Propylene...

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