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Chemistry In Society Essay

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Chemistry is a large part to our lives and is a part of our everyday lives whether we realize it or not. It occurs in everything we do and is the foundation of understanding many things about our Earth, solar system, and beyond. Chemistry is always at work. Three places where the bases of chemistry are found excessively is astronomy, meteorology, and Earth science. People working in or involved in these fields have chemistry as an immense part in their studies and it plays a key role in their discoveries and work. Without the use and comprehension of chemistry, how it works, and how it affects us, our thought processes and knowledge of things such as astronomy, meteorology, and Earth ...view middle of the document...

Magma is deep inside the Earth and forms when rock interacts with heat, the catalyst, and the rock melts to form magma. Photosynthesis is another easily found example of a chemical reaction on our Earth. Plants use CO2, sunlight, and H2O to make sugar, therefore creating food for themselves. One last example of a chemical reaction related to Earth science is a fire. When there is enough heat, certain elements will have a sudden chemical reaction and catch on fire. Chemistry makes itself very clear and obvious in Earth science. It is critical for us to have a knowledge of chemistry in order to help us have a better understanding of our Earth and what is taking place in our environment. A knowledge of chemistry on our Earth assists to learn about our past, the present, and what we can expect to occur in the future.
Astronomy is a field that has many mysteries and countless things that have yet been deciphered or discovered. However, we are able to collect and observe much more information than ever thought possible because of our ability to understand chemistry. There are multiple ways that we use chemistry in our studies and continuous research of space. One area is identifying spectral lines. Spectral lines classify the atoms, elements, or molecules that are currently in a star, galaxy, etc. Chemistry is shown in the elements which are making up the stars, galaxies, and so on. It is important to use these spectral lines because it allows to know about how these things are formed and their life cycles. Another way that chemistry is used by astronomers is when they are studying our solar system. Many planets and other things have odd compositions but we are able to see what they are made of and understand how the chemicals inside them bond together. An example of when this is used is when other planets are studied to see if they can possibly support life. Scientists look for H2O because it is essential to life. It is key that we have a knowledge of chemistry here because certain life supporting elements can be confused with others and this could be catastrophic. Lastly, chemistry is used to observe molecular clouds. Astronomers and other scientists analyze the types of elements and molecules inside...

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