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Chemistry: Notes I Took In Class On Heat And Energy

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Energy- the ability to do work or produce Heat*Potential*KineticPotential Energy- Energy that is stored; comes from composition or position of objectEx: Energy stored in foods and fuels energy possessed by H2O behind a damChemical Potential Energy- Stored Energy held within the bonds that hold atoms or molecules together. Some molecules hold more ...view middle of the document...

Kinetic energy is directly related to the constant, random motion of its atoms.2 different types of energy reactions:*Endothermic- reaction where energy is added in order for reaction to take place*Exothermic- energy (heat) is given off after or during the reaction (explosions)*Most of the time, you can actually feel the heat.A + B à AB + (heat)(Reactants) à (Products)à = Chemical changeLaw of Conservation of Energy- Energy can only change forms. It cannot be destroyed or created.Ex: Solar à Electrical Nuclear à Hydraulic PowerLaw of Conservation of Mass- Matter cannot be created or destroyed. It can only change forms into other matter or energy.YOU NEVER DESTROY MATTER!!Ex: A + B à AB 40g + B à 70g B à 30gPhases of MatterEvaporation- liquid to gasCondensation- gas to liquidSublimation- solid to gasPrecipitation- gas to liquidFreezing- liquid to solidMelting- solid to liquid

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