Chemistry, The Effects Of Acid Rain Includes Experiment With Marble Chips.

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Chemistry coursework on acid rainI predict that as the temperature is increased the rate of reaction will increase. I also predict that as the concentration of the sodium thiosulphate increases the rate of reaction will increase. This means that both graphs drawn up in my analysis will have positive correlation, and will probably be curved, as the increase in rate of reaction will not be exactly the same as the concentration\temperature is increased. This can be justified by relating to the collision theory. When the temperature is increased the particles will have more energy and thus move faster. Therefore they will collide more often and with more energy. Particles with more energy are more likely to overcome the activation energy barrier to reaction and thus react successfully. If solutions of reacting particles are made more concentrated there are more particles per unit volume. Collisions between reacting particles are therefore more likely to occur. All this can be understood better with full understanding of the collision theory itself:For a reaction to occur particles have to collide with each other. Only a small percent result in a reaction. This is due to the energy barrier to overcome. Only particles with enough energy to overcome the barrier will react after colliding. The minimum energy that a particle must have to overcome the barrier is called the activation energy, or Ea. The size of this activation energy is different for different reactions. If the frequency of collisions is increased the rate of reaction will increase. However the percent of successful collisions remains the same. An increase in the frequency of collisions can be achieved by increasing...

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This is a chemistry lab report on an Acid-Base Titration experiment.

2736 words - 11 pages dissociation of each indicator.Since we do not know the dissociation equilibrium of each indicator, we cannot calculate the exact range of pH at which a color change will appear. Thus we will must repeat the titration experiment with a pH-meter and record the pH of the acid-base solution per milliliter of NaOH added. The results of this part of the experiment will be used as the correct reference in order to determine which indicators change color at a pH

What Are the Effects of Acid Rain?

2667 words - 11 pages creatures in the lake.Next, sulfuric acid, which accompanies with acid rain, will cause direct and indirect influences on fish. Directly, sulfuric acid will hamper the ability of fish to absorb oxygen, salt, and nutrients in the water. The relationship between pH values and fish is mentioned in “Acid Rain-Effects of Acid Rain on Our Environment” which says, “If the pH of a lake drops below 4.8, fish are unable to absorb oxygen from

Marble chip investigation - rates of reaction, studying the effects of change in concentration of the acid

1745 words - 7 pages Marble Chip InvestigationMethod1.Set up the equipment as diagram shows. The measuring cylinder must be filled with water and then inverted into the tub.2.Measure the quantity of hydrochloric acid and marble chips to the decided amount. Add water to the acid to change the concentration to what you need.3.Take note of the amount of water in the measuring cylinder.4.Put the marble chips and hydrochloric acid into the conical flask. Replace the bung

What are the Effects of Acid Rain on Germination?

1242 words - 5 pages What are the Effects of Acid Rain on Germination What are the Effects of Acid Rain on Germination? PURPOSE The purpose of this experiment was to determine the effect� of acid on seed germination. I became interested in this idea because I know that� acid rain is becoming� a factor in pollution around the world.� I know this from books I've studied and news articles I�ve read. The information gained from this experiment may

Grade A Lab Report on The Effects of Acid Rain with the Germination of Pea Plants Including 2 data charts.

1190 words - 5 pages , harming countryside. The real question is whether or not Acid rain effects the growth or germination of plants.In this experiment we are testing if acid rain effects the growth or germination of common pea seeds. The independent variable in this experiment is the replica of the acid rain (or the PH level), while the dependent variable is the growth/and or germination of the pea seeds. This is a common problem in our environment today as rain

Acid Rain - Causes and effects.

1985 words - 8 pages sand or gravel with a granite base. Increase in the soil's acidity levels may affect the health of trees and other vegetation. If the soil is rich in limestone or if the underlying bedrock is either composed of limestone or marble, then the acid rain may be neutralized. This is because limestone and marble are more alkaline (basic) and produce a higher pH when dissolved in water, acting as a buffer to the acid rain. In regions where the soil is

This essay dicusses the cause, effects, and prevention of acid rain.

1438 words - 6 pages Acid Rain is rainfall that has a pH of less than 5.6. Acid Rain, a major pollution factor in today's society damages everything in its path. For the last ten years acid rain has brought destruction over all the domesticated continents. Acid Rain is formed when oxides of nitrogen and sulfite combine with moisture in the atmosphere to make nitric and sulfuric acids. These acids can be carried far from their origins. For example, if formed in the

Acid rain and its effects

742 words - 3 pages with this problem will have a major impact on future generations.People have created the acid rain problem. Factories, transportation systems, and electrical and heating plants all release tremendous quantities of toxic particles and gases such as sulfur dioxide (SO) and nitrogen oxides into our atmosphere. Most of the particles float in the air for a while and later fall back to Earth. Others rise higher in the air and combine with moisture in

The effects of acid rain on nature, humans and our environment

1106 words - 4 pages Acid rain has been around for several centuries, but is causing more destruction throughout our environment now than ever before. Acid rain is produced by the releases of Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx). These two gases once realised into the atmosphere combine and react with water, oxygen and oxidant compounds in the atmosphere. The reaction can take hours or even days, during which the polluted air can travel far from the

The Environmental Threat of Acid Rain

3033 words - 12 pages pH of less than 5.6. Pollution caused acid rain is destroying the ecosystem, but today new methods have been developed to deal with this danger to our society and earth. “Acid Rain has been called the single most important environmental threat all over the world, and many are seeking solutions” (Luoma12). The number of lakes and ponds that are actually considered to be acidic is startling. The numbers are in the hundreds just in the Adirondack

The Acid Rain Issue

2176 words - 9 pages water everyday that is laced with these harmful chemicals without even knowing it.B. The natural environmentMuch of the early concerns over the effects of acid rain are on the trees. The concern is centered on the direct contact of the acid rain to the leaves of the trees. It was estimated that more then sixty five percent of trees are effected by acid rain. 1 The rain scars the leaves, withers ferns and lichens, accelerates the death of

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1396 words - 6 pages IntroductionWe are going to do an experiment to see how surface area effects the rate of reaction when added to hydrochloric acid. I will add calcium carbonate (marble chips) to hydrochloric acid.When calcium carbonate is added to hydrochloric acid a reaction takes place. The solution fizzes and gives off the gas carbon dioxide. I will collect this gas in a gas syringe and will time how long it takes for the reaction to produce 100cm3 of carbon

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766 words - 3 pages Using the syringe method I am going to investigate the reaction between Marble chips and hydrochloric acid by measuring the volume of carbon dioxide formed. Chemistry Using the syringe method I am going to investigate the reaction between Marble chips and hydrochloric acid by measuring the volume of carbon dioxide formed. This reaction rate will tell me how fast or slow a chemical reaction is and there are four things that could

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1662 words - 7 pages Plan.In my investigation I will be investigating how changes in acid concentration (moles) effect the rate of reaction with marble chips. I will measure the rate of reaction by measuring the gas produced when the reaction occurs. My variable will be acid concentration , and I will keep every other aspect of my experiment the same. (Volume of acid, conical flask used, volume of water in collection basin.) This will ensure fair and accurate

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891 words - 4 pages more reactive. I gathered together four different metals and acid compounds which all reacted with one of the elements in the past, for example, Iron Sulphate (FeSO4) contain iron. I prepared equipment I would use for the experiment, such as a pipette to carry the acid in, tweezers to lift the metals in, trays to pour the acids in, etc. I took an appropriate amount of acid and added in and the tray using the pipette. I then used the