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Chernobyl: Accidental Or Deliberate? Essay

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In April 1986, a nuclear disaster caused the evacuation of approximately 200,000 people from the cities of Chernobyl and Pripyat. Twenty-seven years later, there are still inhabitants of Chernobyl, though Pripyat, a city closer to the site of the accident, is reportedly uninhabited. Due to the large scale of this event, some may not wish to believe that this disaster was not intentional, but many sources indicate otherwise.

Some will be surprised to learn that the Chernobyl disaster was caused by a safety test. In actuality, there was concern that if there was a power outage, the core of the reactor would overheat and allow tons of radioactive material to escape into the atmosphere. There ...view middle of the document...

Though this safety device would be fine under normal conditions, the abnormal conditions tested it too hard, and the explosion occurred. Both the operators and their director had multiple opportunities to stop the experiment, but they were not taken.

It was almost two days after the accident that the citizens of the nearest town, Pripyat, knew of the incident. At two p.m on the 27th of April, an announcement came on telling residents of the area that in the best interest of the health of all, a ‘temporary evacuation’ was necessary. By this time, considerable radiation damage had already been done. In fact, the first news of the explosion to citizens of Pripyat was given through a foreign broadcast. The Soviet Union even refused help from other countries and tried to keep it as secret as possible. What is most eerie, however, is that a similar disaster occurred at the Mayak processing plant in 1957 that is practically unknown in comparison to the Chernobyl incident of 1986. In fact, according to a documentary “Deadly Secret- Russia”, the incident was even more dangerous than Chernobyl, and inhabitants of the town near the plant all seemed convinced they were guinea pigs in an experiment to observe the long-term effects of radiation in preparation for a future nuclear war.

More has happened in the history of the Soviet Union than is known about....

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