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Are you a person that says President Obama wasn't born in America? There is nothing wrong with that, well there is, but your entitled to your opinion, whether I agree with it or not. But the birther issue is nothing new to the Office of the President. Seriously, the was another President of these United States that was under the microscope as being foreign born. So who was it? Was it William Henry Harrison? Warren G. Harding? Gerald Ford? Nope none of these fine men, but none other than Chester A. Arthur. Yes, the 21st President. Yes, the President who reformed the US Navy. And yes, that Chester A. Arthur that is referenced in Die Hard: With A Vengeance.

Just a little background on President Arthur. he was born October 5, 1829 to William Arthur and Malvina Stone. His great grandfather on his mother's side, Uriah Stone, fought in the American Revolution. He was a graduate of Union College. At first he was a member of the Whig Party, and then eventually moved on to become a Republican, because back in the day Republicans got all the ladies. He got his degree in law form State and National Law School. Would go on to become a hot shot New York City lawyer. He married Ellen Herndon in 1859. Served as a quartermaster during the Civil War. Started a family. He then started to become more active in politics, worked his way up the political ranks, ran for President, won and did a heck of a job. Also he always had some sweet facial hair combo. But why would they question if he was born in America? I mean he said he was born in Vermont, isn't that good enough?

Well lets back track a few years to 1880. In 1880, Arthur was nominated for the candidacy of Vice President, which he would go on to serve as VP to President Garfield. But before that a man by the name of Arthur P. Hinman, a lawyer hired by the Democrats, had an issue with Arthur's nomination and set out to discredit him. Hinman was in reality just a hater who drank too much haterade. He was a political opponent of Arthur and just was a pretty much your typical cut throat late 19th century wanna be politician. Hinman started to spread rumors throughout the political circles of New York that Arthur was Irish born, and immigrated the United States in 1843, at the age of 14. Now, at this time Ireland was a British colony..wait you mean a damn Brit would be in the WHITE HOUSE! This rumor just stayed a rumor, so it was back to the drawing board. After some though and "research" Hinman came up with an idea to claim where Arthur was from. But what could be worse then being British in the eyes of Americans? Would Hinman make him French? German? Austro-Hungarian? Italian? Russian? An Ottoman? What could possibly be viewed as worse than British?

Canadian? Really? That is what Hinman came up with? Now from time to time I may poke fun at my friendly neighbors to the north, but really the most threatening and controversial place Hinman could say Arthur was from...

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