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Chewing Gum Essay

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Chewing Gum
Chewing gum has been an old tradition all the way back before the Europeans discovered North America. In our time, it is enjoyed by people young and old and comes in many varieties. But what some people don't know is why gum is pink. Or maybe what gum was like before the version we chew today. These are some of the things we don’t think about even when the chewing gum is in our mouths. There are also things we didn’t even know what we are even putting in our mouths. To add to the curiosity of chewing gum, many don’t even know that gum was invented purely by accident. All of the wonders of chewing gum will soon be put to an end and will be transformed into knowledge as I guide you through the world of chewing gum.
So how did chewing gum even get started? For centuries, the ancient Greeks chewed a gummy substance locally known as Mastiche. Mastiche was derived from the resin of the mastiche tree. The word “mastic” was derived from the Greeks, which means “to chew”. Like the Greeks chewed mastiche, the ancient Mayans started chewing chicle which was produced from the sap of the Sapodilla tree. This was their version of chewing gum as they copied the creation from the Greeks. The North American Indians even used to chew the sap from spruce trees. Likewise, in India, they chewed betel. As the demand increased for these products, the quantity of chicle fell. The chicle-supplier’s ability to supply chicle was as limited as the trees from which it was derived which led to the discontinuation of tree-based gum temporarily.
The new and improved version of chewing gum was created by a pioneer family, a Mexican general, an accountant, a travelling salesman and believe it or not, a dentist. The first commercial chewing gum made its debut in the year of 1848. It was sold by John B. Curtis and it was called the State of Maine Pure Spruce Gum. Later in the year, William Finely Semple filed the first patent for chewing gum and was the first person to do so. Thomas Adams was the one to come up with the chewing gum that we chew today. He went back to using chicle like the Mayans in 1869. By 1888, his chewing gum was sold in vending machines in places like New York City subway stations. Now his chewing gum is known as Tutti Frutti. In 1906,...

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