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Chewing Gum Marketing Essay

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Daily gum chewing common, but sales trend down

Chewing gum makers have spent past five years publicly expressing their deep concern over steadily declining sales and negative trending consumer patterns in the U.S. and Europe. Sales are growing in emerging markets, mostly in Asia, because of the sheer expansion of these economies and their growing middle class. Global sales are expected to reach $22 billion in 2015 from $20 billion today. In Puerto Rico 19% of consumer ages 12 & up buy gum every single day. Parents have reacted by keeping their children from gum chewing habit that was such a source of pleasure back in their own days. Kids have always been the biggest category of chewing ...view middle of the document...

Sampling Design
The sample was collected from different zones of Delhi from the chewing gum users.
Sample Size: 200
Universe: Delhi
Tools for data Analysis
• Factor Analysis
• Percentage Analysis

Chapter V
Data Analysis & Interpretation

Gender Number Percentage
Male 110 55%
Female 90 45%

The above collected data shows that the % of males is more than % of females to do this research. This means that the information which is collected through questionnaires concludes more males than females.

Age Number Percentage
15-25 110 55%
25-35 37 18.5%
35-45 38 19%
45 Above 15 7.5%

Above data shows that most of the consumers are of age 15-25 that is 55% followed by 35-45 that is 19% and then 25-35 is 18.5% and last is 45 above that is 7.5%.

Q1. What is the highest educational level that you have attained?

Educational Level Number Percentage
Higher Secondary 19 9.5%
Sr. Secondary 45 22.5%
Graduation 107 53.5%
Post Graduation 10 5%
Professional 5 2.5%
Any Other 14 7%

Above data shows that the people who have participated in this research mostly are Graduates that are 53.5% followed by Sr. Secondary that is 22.5% and then by Higher Secondary that is 9.5%, 10% people are Post Graduates, 5% are Professionals and rest 7% fall in any other category.
Q2. Which of these describe your current work situation?

Work Situation Number Percentage
Student 94 47%
Employed 40 20%
Businessman 27 13.5%
Housewife 32 16%
Retired 2 1%
Others 5 2.5%

The work situation of 47% people is student followed by employed that are 20%, 16% are housewife, 13.5% are housewife followed by people in category of others that are 2.5% and last are the people who are retired that are 1%.

Q3. Please specify your income slab?

Income Slab Number Percentage
Less than 1 lakh p.a. 128 64%
1 lakh – 3.5 lakh p.a. 50 25%
3.5 lakh – 5 lakh p.a. 14 7%
Above 5 lakh p.a. 8 4%

Most of the people fall in income slab of less than 1 lakh that are 64% and second most are in the income slab of 1 lakh – 3.5 lakh that are 25% followed by the people in slab of 3.5 lakh – 5 lakh that are 7% and least are in slab category of above 5 lakh that are 4%.

Q4. How often do you buy a chewing gum?

Category Number Percentage
Once in a day 75 37.5%
4-5 packs per week 42 21%
2-3 packs per week 24 12%
Once in a week 25 12.5%
2-3 times a month 12 6%
Less than once a month 10 5%
I don’t buy a chewing gum 12 6%

Most of the consumers buy a chewing gum once in a day that are 37.5%, 21% buy 4-5 packs per week, 12.5 % buy once in a week, 12% percent buy 2-3 packs per week, 6% buy 2-3 times a month, 5% buy less than once a month and rest 6% don’t buy a chewing gum. This also means that largest percentage is of people who buy once in a day this shows that most of the people like to chew a gum and as a result chewing gum market is growing very fast.

Q5. Why do you/you not chew gum? Give...

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