Chicago Booth: Everything I Want For My Future

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The opportunities and environment molded who I am today. A rare opportunity in middle school created a dream. For the past couple of years, I’ve worked hard and taken opportunities to help me achieve that dream. I think a Chicago Booth MBA would be the opportunity and environment for me to further advance my dream.
I first found myself interested in finance and investment about eleven years ago when I joined my school’s Profits Club. In this club, we played a game called the Houston Chronicle Stock Market Game. I helped the group analyze the market trends online and bought or sold stocks at the most opportune time. Sometimes we lost money, but we gained it back at other times. I learned a lot from my mistakes. In the end, our group made twenty thousand dollars. Although it was just a game, the joy of earning a profit stroked my curiosity and gave me pride and confidence. That little game gave birth to my dream of studying finance and investments. I dreamt to be a portfolio manager myself one day.
Since then, I’ve tried to actively participate in investment activities and learn from other people who invest. I joined an investment club, called The Blue Chips, in college. From there, I learned investment strategies and valuation techniques. By being an analyst in The Blue Chips, I was even more intrigued by the thrill of finance and investing. Additionally, I’ve taken core finance classes, Financial Accounting and Corporation Finance, to better understand the businesses that I look into for investing. These have only increased my desire to take more fundamental business concept classes to better understand business that are potential investment opportunities.
My recent internship at Grosvenor Capital Management added fuel to my dream. I initially chose this fund of hedge fund internship because it provided me with an opportunity to learn about and work in the investment management industry. I felt that Grosvenor could provide me with a learning environment of how investment firms work and of the alternative investments that exist on the market. After twelve weeks, it was all that I expected of it and more. The close-knit work community of Grosvenor created an intellectual environment. We met up every Monday to discuss market research, recent investment trends, and to engage in learning finance. Overall, Grosvenor reinforced my wish to study finance and investment.
As a result, I wanted to continue learning both in the professional world and in the academic world. The next three years of working full-time at Grosvenor will definitely give me more professional experience and knowledge. But I hope to also learn more theory and practice of theory to gain a broader...

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