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Chicago The City Of Many Colours

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The sparkling metropolis of the Midwest and the third largest city of United States, Chicago has everything a European traveller requires on a soothing and captivating holiday trip to North America. The fabulous conurbation of Illinois is spectacularly blessed with a wide range of attractive landscapes, admirable museums, dazzling skyscrapers and delightful culinary to enjoy on a trip to Chicago.

When to Visit Chicago
The best time to visit Chicago can only be determined by the interest and reasons for why one is travelling to Chicago, Illinois. The soothing city is good to enjoy some outdoor fun and adventure in summers. From May to September are the peak months for some exciting outdoor sightseeing for youngsters and adventure seekers.
Romantic holidaymakers can enjoy Chicago from November to March when temperature gives the reason to stay at the hotel due to chilling breezes and snowfall that will surely look astonishing from the hotel window and present a pleasant view of the city and surroundings. The only certain thing about Chicago is its weather that changes rapidly and can give the suitable conditions surprisingly.
Places to Visit in Chicago
The vibrant metropolis of Illinois is tremendously astounding for European travellers seeking for a wide range of hip-hopping lifestyle and vibrant cultural sites to enjoy on a nostalgic trip to Chicago. The fabulous range of historical and cultural sites is phenomenal and one can witness the cultural values at Andrew Rafacz Gallery, Kavi Gupta Gallery, Carrie Secrist Gallery Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago Children's Museum, Chicago History Museum, Holy Name Cathedral and countless of other places keeping the cultural values alive in the veins of natives.
Apart from cultural sites, one can easily find some amusing, breathtaking and scenic landscapes in and around the city by visiting Lake Michigan, Lincoln Park Conservatory, Oak Street Beach, Montrose Beach, Pump It Up Party Zone, Trapped In A Room With A Zombie and loads of other places giving the real feel of being in an American city.
Places to Eat in Chicago
The scrumptious range of astounding...

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